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New delivery time....

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checked out today: My M5 Silvrstone II/ Black was supposed to be in production in week 17. BMW told me today M5 production is starting again in week 20 , and my car is with code 150 in production week 24.... arriving earliest week 27, which is first week of July. Middle of summer : ( !!

I don't know what to Do anymore, mine was suppose to be first in Finland, ordered it 2 years ago. I might cancel the whole thing, I don't want to wait anymore. Feel like a little kid when noticing Santa Claus is late...
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BradM5 said:
Feel like a little kid when noticing Santa Claus is late...
that pretty much summarize my feelings.
Gustav said:
Read this:

which will make you feel better for soem hour ;)
Thanks Gustav, good try! It is unbeliavable good report, I only can wonder how You have some much energy and time You can produce this great info for us!

Only thing I did not understan why You did not want to take ferry to Finland? : ) ( ok, it wasn't going to Finland anyways, I noticed Danish flag on it)
I don't know about anyone else (in the UK) but my delivery time has been moving around constantly. Started off as launch date last year, then dropped to June. Then went to end of July several months ago. Three weeks ago it had fallen another 4 weeks into September, but, as of today, it is back to end July. Oh well! ??????
We ordered our car in January and got production week 21 and 2 weeks ago the dealer said that the car will be produced week 22. I hope this is true...
The same story...
Today my dealer said that the delivery will be on the middle of June.
One week ago they told me that i would get the car in the end of May.:sad3: :sad3: :grrrrr: :(
Are you going to do a report on the M6 too? Nice! Can i join then? I have enough with a place on the backseat. :1:
And i know how to use a camera :7:
Gustav said:
You never know ;) But there is a :)
olriiight, that would be great :thumbsup: hiha :hihi:
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