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New clutch - now vibration at 2500+ RPM

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My OEM clutch burnt out after 80k miles so I had it replaced with a new Sachs clutch. The service replaced the clutch and pressure plate but kept the flywheel because they said it didn't need replacing. I don't know if they machined it or not.

After picking up the car, I noticed that it virbates more than before. The vibration can be felt at idle or when moving in any gear. It doesn't matter if the clutch pedal is depressed or not. The vibration seems to come from 'the engine area' and can be felt through the acceleration pedal but mostly through the shifter. I have the OEM shifter. The vibration seems to get stronger after 2500RPM in all gears. I haven't taken it on the highway yet to see if it's worse after 5000+RPM. The car idles and runs OK aside from that. The clutch seems to grip very well and the DSC kicks in 2nd and 3rd if I floor it.

Can this cause any damage to the flywheel and clutch? Could the clutch not be balanced properly? Any ideas?
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something is obviously out of ballance with the clutch/flywheel assembly. I'd take it back to the shop and make them fix it. Did they remove the flywheel at all? There are dowel pins that locate it onto the crank. It is possible to replace these and not have the flywheel sit flush on the crank. Happened to me once. I would imagine the vibration would be bad for the crank long term.
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