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Greetings everyone; been lurking for a bit, just wanted to finally say hello. I was invited to sign up here after I got chatting to Matt of the Koenigsegg Registry, so I'm looking forward to meeting people here and having the chance to chat. Hi!

A bit about me: I'm in the UK, and I've loved Koenigseggs ever since I saw the legendary CCX episode of Top Gear - the combination of beauty, power and attitude just completely won my heart. My one and only Koenigsegg encounter story of my own dates back a few years. A couple of friends and I were coming home from a German festival in a Honda Civic, and we were in some comparatively heavy traffic on the autobahn. Suddenly, up the outside lane beside us comes a CC8S - pale-coloured, my best guess based on location, colour and date is that it was #002. Our driver, who is a serious car nut, promptly got very excited and immediately tried to catch up to it so one of us could get a photo.

...yes, in a Civic. hiha Talk about optimism. Funnily enough, about five miles up the road we DID overtake it again... but only because it was standing on the hard shoulder while the driver put the roof back on because it had started raining. :3: How to catch a Koenigsegg...

Pleased to meet you all, anyhow!

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