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I've ordered a 2001 M5 with projected October built date. May salesman has just faxed me information on the 2001 model that both clarifies and confuses. This information is retyped below:

Exterior Updates:
The M5 receives similar freshening as the 5 series.
- updated front illuminating rings around all 4 headlamps (same as 5 series)
- rear taillight appearance (middle section of the rear lens incorporates horizontal optics)
- PDC (option code 508) now includes front sensors as well as rear
- Chrome exterior trim (surrounding the windows) and the model inscription are no longer available as options. All M5's will include rear badging.

Interior Updates:
- Larger Navigation screen (6.5 in. and 16x9 format), redesigned NAV buttons, cassette behind screen
- New 3 spoke M design steering wheel (thicker rim with redesigned multi-function buttons)
- instrument gauges (speedometer, tachometer, etc.) are now gray with aluminum finish bezels
- Standard Universal Garage Door Opener
- Standard Alcantara Anthracite headliner. This will be the only headliner for the M5. The headliner, A pillars, C pillars, and rear parcel shelf will be covered in this suede-like material.
- New Max A/C button added (lowers temp. to 60 degrees F, max. fan speed)
- New solar sensor (sense direct sunlight within interior and adjusts climate control)
- Rear side impact airbags now incorporate rear HPS.
- Rear cupholders have been deleted in favor of a small storage compartment
- M Mobility system 2nd generation (lighter cord, nozzle incorporated in storage container)
- An alternate sound system is offered for MY2001, the M audio system with enhanced bass. When ordered, this system incorporates the standard M5 DSP system but the front door midrange speakers are upgraded to coaxial (two-way) speakers and existing subwoofers are replaced with two 10" free air subwoofers (no inclosure) for a substantial increase in bass performance. Both front door midrange speakers and 10" subwoofers utilize Kevlar cone material for better power handling.
- Continuation of M5 Driving Experience at BMW Performance Center in Spartanburg, SC

Other Ordering Updates:
1. The word "LUXURY" replaces "EXCLUSIVE" for the interior trim
2. The word "Standard" leather replaces "Extended" leather in the SPORT interior
3. Electric rear sunshade is still ONLY available in the SPORT interior trim

SPORT Interior:
- Standard Leather Nappa Point: dashboard and upper door trim similar to a 540i interior. Leather seats are textured, two tone.
- Std. Aluminum interior trim
- N/C Bruyere Club Wood trim
- Std. Alcantara Anthracite headliner
- Opt. Elec. rear sunshade/man. side shades

LUXURY Interior:
- All Leather Nappa Heritage: Dashboard and upper door trim covered in synthetic material. Leather on seats is ultrasmooth. Seats incorporate vertical stitching
- Std. Bruyere Club Wood trim
- N/C Burl Walnut Wood trim
- Std. Alcantara Anthracite headliner
- N/A Electric rear sunshade, side manual shades

Exterior and Interior Colors:
- Exterior: there have been no changes to the exterior color changes for the M5 at SOP 9/00
- Interior: English Green will no longer be offered in MY2001

I hope that 2001 M5 production information with regard to Interior Options has been garbled in translation. I ordered my car in "exclusive, all leather" configuration, I'm not certain what I'll now be receiving. If I interpret the above correctly, one can no longer get "all leather" with the SPORT interior, or "extended leather" allowing for the addition of rear and side windows shades in the LUXURY interior. Real leather on the dashboard and upper door trim no longer appears to be an option (with or without extra cost) for the LUXURY interior. Instead, if I interpret the above correctly, BMW is introducting as the only configuration for the 2001 LUXURY interior a new, synthetic, simulated-leather material (different than for the SPORT interior) that still precludes the rear and side window shade option.


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Thanks for that very detailed update!

Im dissapointed to hear that the dash will now be covered in a synthetic material. That change has probably come about because of the warping of the leather on the dash that some owners have experienced.

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Thanks for your great post. If accurate, and I'm sure it is, many will find this useful. As to the body and front and rear black molding, the consensus is it will remain black. We've even seen pic's showing such.

We appreciate the effort you put into this.

00 M5 Titanium over Red

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Thanks rsteele for so much good info you cleared alot of things for me.

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2001 m5... are all the sport interiors seats two tone or can you get all black? Mine is being built as we speak. Titanium with black sport interior. the prior posts imply all sport interiors are two tone...say it aint so.

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I just got the printout from my dealer, and frankly, I'm puzzled.

I no longer have a status code, it just says "IMPORT PRODUCED BUT NOT SHIPPED". What in the world does that mean? There is no vessel information (name, ETA, ATI, port). VPC start and completion date is also not provided.

Here is the relevant info. I currently have available:
Production #: 6662849
Current Location: POSC
Next Location: VPSC
Released to Carrier: WAGGONERS TRUCKING

BTW, my order no longer shows the sunshade option that I chose (it was on the printout before status 155). It does however show the M-audio option. Can anyone, maybe MJ, make sense of this? My dealer is clueless as usual.

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