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need transport help

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Hey Guys,
Need a little help I am having some work done to my M3/M5 on the 21st of this month at turner. Unfortunately the clutch went on the m3 last night with 150,000 miles. Can anyone help with a transport or know of a company that I can use to bring my car here as it is not drivable? I am in the albany NY area, which is about 210 miles from turner in amerbury, mass. It worth the weight and gold to bring it here rather than the dealership which is 8 miles from house. Any help would be great.
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Do you want it covered or uncovered??? I have a buddy who does nationwide car shipping, I would be able to maybe get you a quote... They normally ship more than one at a time, But I dont mind Inquiring... let me know... PM me if you like
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