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Hello, my name is Nils, i've owned my E39 M5 for about a year now but this is my first post, the reason being that i got a M5...
I got my car in storage now over the winter and im about to do some work to it. One of the things i've decided to do is replace one of the front bump gaurds ( the black plastic things on the front bumper). Since this is basiclly the only thing that is not perfect on my car (that and the front cupholder) i wanted to replace it and my question to you guys is how? does it simply come of if you pull at one end or whats the deal. I figure this was the best place to ask for help.

Now, i don't know if you guys care but since it's a M5 forum i'll tell you some more about my car and myself for that matter.
As i said, my name is Nils, i live in southern Sweden, and the E39 M5 or "Emma" as i like to call her is my first car. It's a 2001 BMW M5 E39, Lemans blue with black and blue leather interior and aluminium trim. The car is fully equipt from factory minus the dubble glasing. The previous owner put a Kelleners exhaust on the car and this winter i'm building x-pipes. When i bought the car it had 77000km on the odometer and now, a year later, there is about 87000km. I'm the third owner.

All help is appriciated, and i'll try to post more about how it all went later on. and if you guys like post more pics of the car and the stuff i'm about to do to it this winter.

BTW. this summer i got a note under my windshield wiper from David S from this forum, I've looked you up here David but i can't write you a PM, anyway if you read this, THANKS for the kind words, i've seen you around and i love your M aswell!



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