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I bought my car from the original owner who bought the car from Canada to avoid the markup in '01.

I just called EasyCare directly to see if I would be able to purchase an extended warranty from a bay area dealer given the Canada origin and they said no. They would void the warranty. So looks like I am out of luck at 44K miles and 2 months left on the manufacturer's warranty.

I just purchased a PEAKE tool yesterday and plan to do the maintenance items myself. However, I am worried about future potential problems such as VANOS or MAFS or other miscellaneous sensors. I am going to set aside the money that I was planning to buy the warranty with for repairs.

A few questions:
1. How easy is it to purchase parts online?
2. Anyone have any recommendations on Bay Area independent shops? I've heard good things about Motorspeed West and Dinan (more pricey)...And how are they in terms of price?
3. Does anyone have any other advice as to my situation? Are there other warranty companies that I can look into?

The car is in overall excellent condition. I just had a laundry list of items repaired under warranty. A leaky valve cover gasket was the only item that came up in the pre-purchase inspection.

Thanks all, again!
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