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Need Part# for bilstein/koni non adj rear stuts

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I need to change the rear shocks on my 02. I'm just looking for an upgrade from the OEM struts so don't need the fully adjustable versions that is often discussed here. Car is street driven on stock springs, never will be on the track.

I prefer Bilstein's but will also go with Koni's if the price difference is significant.

Does anyone have the part number so I an order asap?

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You should never change out dampers on one end of the vehicle only. Koni's have completely different valving design compared to stock. It is ONLY done by used car dealers and the such. I would never do it on my minivan or commuter car and it will ruin the M5.

This repair method completely upsets the handling, ride and balance of the car. It will turn an M-car into a base model Chevy.

Save your money until you can afford to buy a full set of 4 Koni's for $700. If that's too steep, buy Sachs.

There is absolutely no reason to swap out springs. Most consumers are replacing premium springs with cheaper, inferior springs for no reason....or just to slam the car for looks with no concern about cargo capacity or consistent handling.

Premium OEM springs are typically stable and consistent for about 25 years. Premium OEM dampers begin degrading within a year and often lose hydraulic fluid or to mush/pogo behavior in 3 yrs and 36K miles.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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