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OK, before the search Nazis get me, I have used the search feature. The tire size posts I've seen deal with wether or not a certain tire fits under the well, or on the stock rims, etc...

I need to replace all 4, and want to go a little wider if possible. I also want to maintain the stock ratio for ride height (I bow to the BMW engineers in this regard).

I'm attaching a spreadsheet with some tire sizes, but the closest seems to be 255/40 - 275/35

I wanted 255/35 but a Tire Rack rep said the .7 in drop in the front could effect braking at highway speeds in such a heavy car.

Has anyone been through this, or is the common thought just 'stuff it in there'? (or am I being OCD?)


On the fronts, check the load rating. Stock hi po tires are around 94. If the 255/35 has a similar rating (say, 93 or better and proper speed rating), I wouldn't be too concerned.

1 size up or down is typically OK. Rears may be tight with 285/30. Might need to roll the fenders.

Rear tires that are within a few percentage points won't be noticeable on effective gearing (taller tire has the effect of putting in taller gears; shorter tire, shorter gearing).
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