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I got my car back from the dealer after getting serveral
things fixed on my M5.. you can read on the Towson BMW thread.

Anyways.. the SA diagnosed my transmission whine, was coming from
a fubared Guibo.. which was fixed under warranty...

But the WHINE is still there.. which lead me to search and do more research.
Which lead me to this web site.:

Automotive Recalls and Technical Service Bulletins for 2000 BMW M5 (E39) V8-4941cc 5.0L DOHC (S62). Provided by ALLDATA

after reading some of the bulletins.. I would like to get more info details
regarding these TBS's.. Which directly relates to some of my issues...

Are GENERAL RECALLS covered under CPO warranty/maintence???

- because my nav is a POS.. works interminently and always locks up.

Are Service Bulletins covered under warranty?? such as:
If BMW knows that their Navs are crappy and break.
THink they would do any good will fix or help??
Anyone try??

Just had work done on my DIFF, covered underwarranty.​
Replaced both output shaft gaiters, shaft seal, and seal ring.​
So I assume they filled it..​
BUT This WHINING seems to be more noticeble to me..​
KNowing about it.. Just givees me a head ache..​


I searched and searched, some say DIFF, some say TRANNY.​
TBS regarding DIFF:​

Someone said there was a TBS on the Transmission.​
But I can't seem to locate it on this particular web site.​
Anyone have the TBS # or date????​

Any info with more details on these TBS..​
WILL be greatly appreciated....​


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Generally RECALLS are paid for by the mfg irrespective of the warranty status- the mfg recalls the vehicle due to a safety defect.

TSBs are simply published instructions on how to fix certain problems. If the problem occurs when the car is under warranty it is coverd.... otherwise not.

Finding a long history of NAV failures with multiple tsbs will not get bmw to repair it out of warranty.... but maybe worht a try. Especially if there was ever a repair order earlier in the car's history in the BMW service records.

Lots of things cause whines - a TSB will not diagnose it. Maybe it helps id a potential culprit... Is the whine speed or rpm related? Change with gear? Change with load?

Sounds like your buddy at the dealership really didn't keep the car in tip-top shape... pisser.

I hate to say this, but a good pre-purchase inspection is always essential- even with cpo and maintenance- plenty of folks have gone what you're going through... as ronnie used to say, 'trust but verify'

Tell them the diff is whining and make them replace it. If it doesnt fix it, tranny next...

good luck


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The whine is definately speed/load related..
I had about 2 hours on the drive back to listen to it,

Give it gas in gear.light load: whiiiiiiiiinnnneennennenenenene
in all the **** gear.

Maintaining speed, in gear, clutch out: WHHHIIINNEEEEEEEEEEEE

Its like a Whining orchestra depending on RPM, low to high pitch.

But No load, its OK
Coasting in Neutral, its OK..

how do I explain the sound.. its sounds like an electric remote control car..
Never noticed it/mind it.. BUT SINCE I did.. Its like getting louder and louder..

im not complaining.. I still think i got a good deal.
Granted I shelled out 1000 on new tires.. and another 1000
on another key and out of pocket fix's.. But after its all said and done.
Im gonna have a SWEET/NICE M5 ... well actually my WIFE's..

Coasting in neutral: NO whine
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