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I bought a black 91 M5 back in May that came with a set of M-tech mirrors. Unfortunately, the left mirror became a casualty of hurricane Sandy. It was completely broken (probably by a fallen branch). Now the car is not even safe to drive.

To get the car back to the road, I have 2 options:
1) Buy a new m-tech mirror, which is expansive and come unpainted. Does anybody know of a good body shop in New York City that can do the paint job well?

2) Buy a set of used elephant ears (a lot cheaper), but I am not sure if M5 mirrors are the same ones as those from pre-93 E34's. On top of that, the wiring harness may have been changed by the previous owner which means I have to do a bit of re-wiring for retrofit.

If I go with option 1, I would also appreciate if anyone can point out where I can source a used one to save some money. If I go with option 2, do I have to change the harness, mirror switch, etc. for the retrofit?

Thanks in advance. I am a newbie so any help is appreciated.
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