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need help with Hella adapter

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does anyone in US know where i can get the hella adapter 8KB157198801, i called the local dealer here in Toronto and asked for it by part number but the do not have it in their system , provide the following numbers to them
8KB157198801 hella part number and BMW P/N 63 12 0 0025 497 & 63 12 0 0025 499

this is the Y adapter to make the angle eyes and turn signal to work on pre 2001 models.

i see a set for sell on eBay but its pretty expansive 90 bucks plus ridiculuos amount for shipping.

thanks in advance for your input.
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I believe I have a set at home. It came with the Hella headlights when I upgraded to the Euro version original Hella Clear Corners.

I will take photos tonight and send to you. If those are the adapters that you need, let me know, then make me an offer.

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