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Need help w/3 things. Rear Seal, Clutch, Building a case.

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Hello everyone.

I have done some "search"ing on the forums and have done some reading. However, I have such a headache because of this car I would just rather start my own inquiry. So, here is my situation.

1) Oil leak. Took it in for inspection and they said that the valve cover is leaking and my rear main seal is leaking. 700+ for the valve cover replacement and 1300+ for the rear main seal. I am thinking of doing the valve cover myself as I know that its doable.

The rear main I let the dealership handle that or try to take it to an Indy. There are only about 2-3 that will touch this car.

2) Obviously, if I have the rear main seal replaced, it is wise to replace the clutch and flywheel. Without killing me on costs, what are some reasonable companies that sell upgraded clutches and flywheels.

3) When I bought this car (privately), the previous owner took it under warranty to have all the problems fixed. Come to find out, he said there was an oil leak, which they diagnosed to be an oil pan gasket.

Ok. Now the car is out of warranty by 3 months and I have #1 (valve cover and rear main seal leaking). I am almost 100% sure that this had to have been part of the "leak" the previous owner had. I have only put about 3k miles on the car before I noticed the leaks. 2k of it was my drive home. The dealership said that they would deny any claims on the work. For one, they said the rear main seal was replaced at around 50k+ miles and only covered for 2 years. Which, makes it past that. However, do the rear main seals constantly go bad? Bought the car with 68k miles on it. So, within 10-15k miles of the rear main seal being replaced it is leaking again?

So, to finish off #3. Does any one have any experience with taking things up directly with BMWNA with out of warranty items. If I get a lawyer, will that help?

Thanks again for anyone willing to take the time to read this and help out. I really love the car and would love to keep her forever but... I can't afford to constantly be throwing money at a car like this. (not that I don't have the money...its just that cars regardless of what they are should be fairly reliable if taken care of properly.)

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Do some searches for posts by the guru "lscman" -- if I recall correctly he discussed what could be a see-saw effect you are seeing. Namely:
1. work on the rear main seal @ 50K, upset the oil pan gasket
2. work on the oil pan gasket @ 60-someK, upset the rear main seal
Mind you, this is supposition and would require some shoddy workmanship.

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OMG. Thank you Chowdah. That does help out my case. Is there anything in writing that states the affect of the oil pan / main seal or vice versa. Because if this is the case. Than when they replaced the oil pan gasket, they may have caused the rear main seal to go. Hopefully he will chime in and give me some advice. I have read a lot of his posts but not sure if I can narrow down a search to find this info. :M5thumbs:
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