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Need help here!

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Hi, my 91 M5 is looking for a new friend and I have decided to purchase a 2001 black or lm blue M5. I have been looking through autotrader and came across this listing:

Does anybody have any info on this car. Should I stay away from it? Thank you for the comments.
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Well, its an excellent price. I would be cautiously optimistic. First, get the Carfax for any supsicious information (not perfect but worthwhile). Then, have an independent inspection done by a local BMW dealership (this will cost $100 or so) and then talk to the person who did the inspection. Try to find out who was the previous owner and talk to him/her if possible. Try to get a BMW dealer to run the VIN for the service history.

Then, go and check it out yourself being careful to look for signs of possible body work. Test drive hard and look for clutch slippage under hard acceleration.

If all checks out, go for it. I still would pay the extra for a CPO, but there are some aftermarket warrantys out there.
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