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Hi guys, im haveing some problems here REAAAALLY pissing me off and i hope someone has an good answer!
ive tryed to read all threads about this but no one tells what the fix was or the thread just dies out without any solution!

Ive tested my car in normal mode, 500, 500 +, in m mode, with DCS OFF, ON and MDM

I can drive the car WOT on all modes, EXEPT dsc off and MDM
looks like when car feels wheelslip it throws out DSC failure and goes into 400hp mode. Not limpmode. im not longer able to drive in S6 eather . it goes to S5

i usually never drive in D. allways in manual mode (SMG)
and all this started after i fixed a small leak on the SMG pump. i fixed this by lowering the rear end of the SMG and tighten the 2 banjos o top.

could it be any cables? something i may have pinched?
all started couple days ago with this DSC message.

But yesterday my whole car went totally bananas with gearbox failure and went into limp mode, didnt work on idle etc etc. got like 25 messages, i was sure some cables were burned ?

Anyway, now i only get the message about Idling control valve.. but they work.. and car works on idle.
Just not WOT with antispinn off..

Car is a 2005 m5, softwares updates, ALPHA N software.
is this engine, Gearbox or speedsensor realted issue? i can not believe this has anything to to with the idle actuator. cuz i can drive the car normally for days. but when i get wheel slip in M mode with DSC off, it goes into faulty mode

i delete codes, and they will not come back before wheel slip.. Torque reduction sensor??
codes NOW
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