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NC Mountain Drive

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Mountain Drive - 3/13/11

Last year some friends and I did a couple group mountain drives and had a great time. The nice weather is back and we wanted to plan something again. The last time we did this, it was a "spirited" mountain drive. Some of us work on Saturday so we figured Sunday might work better. This is an open event so invite whoever you want (just please refrain from inviting whiners).

For those who are local in the Charlotte Metro area – the plan is to meet early Sunday morning at Sharon Shopping Center parking lot behind Harpers Restaurant in SouthPark. There's a McDonald's and gas station next door if you need to grab a quick bite or fill up gas prior to the drive.

We'll depart at around 7:45 AM and drive about 120 miles (2 hours) on US-321 N and I-40 W towards Marion in Western NC. We’ll stop at Fatz Cafe in Marion NC for lunch. After lunch, we’ll head towards Little Switzerland Inn and stop for photos. From there we'll start the scenic 30 mile mountain pass loop through the Pisgah National Forest on what's called the Diamondback Route (45 minutes). And then head back home (2 hours approximately to Charlotte).

If anyone has questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to post them here or send us a message. Looking forward to the drive and meeting you all!

**Please review this public Google doc for all important information and maps**<wbr>cument/d/1EdAT-00TqxrttugG<wbr>52heFuz8v45II25glcBXh-HhFH<wbr>E/edit?hl=en&authkey=CMev_<wbr>PsN

**There's something wrong with the facebook event feature. The official meeting time at Sharon Shopping Center in Charlotte is 7:45 AM**

TO SIGN UP CLICK HERE:>>>>>>!/event.php?eid=191989837491190 <<<<<<<<

List of drivers thus far:

1) Rooz R - E39 M5
2) Jeff B - E46 M3
3) Misha N - E82 135i
4) Claude M - E39 M5
5) Heather R - E39 M5
6) Steve R - 2001 Viper
7) Matt H - E46 330i
8) Marc J - E46 M3
9) Andol Y - E92 M3
10) Jason D - E46 M3
11) Holly W - E60 535i
12) Bryan M - E92 335i
13) Jeff R - E36 325is
14) Bryan A - 2010 R56
15) Ashley J - E90 M3
16) Devin C - 2010 GTR or 93 RX7 TT
17) Neal A - RX7 Turbo Widebody
18) Hardy E - E93 M3
19) Justin A - E90 M3
20) Chris C - E90 M3
21) Josh W - E63 M6
22) Kevin Y - S60R Volvo
23) Alex - Mini Cooper S
24) Richard D - E89 Z4
25) Loren K. - Mini Cooper S
26) Carlos - Acura RSX F/I
27) ...
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You should consider modifying your route one year to include state road 80. That has some of the best banked curves in the whole area. Really fun road to drive on.

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I'm in. I'll be @ Rich&Bennetts St Pattys crawl Sat night (supposed to be 9000+ people) so I may meet up with the group later. May drag a friend of mine out in his modded Z06.


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