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Navtech upgrade

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Just received info on what appears to be an upgrade of the NAV system. Has anyone else received this or has anyone purchased it? The offer appears to give the user more information enroute than the current system but I'm not sure it is worth the extra money.
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First I've heard of it. My dealer said I get the next version of my regional CD free; beyond that it'd be a la carte. Are you talking about a software upgrade to the system or an new version of your CD?
This should be a software upgrade. Heard about it from Navtech when I ordered new maps.

I ordered it and heres the details (the brochure they send doesnt really say this)

1. the first update is "free".

2. they update every 6-9 mos.

3. you can order the next update for their price (~125 or so w/ s&h)

4. I dont know if the current discs have this, but the new ones have "route USA" data that incorporates data about major US highways, so if youre outside your area you will still get map data and even reststop/gas station data on major US routes (eg I95).

5. I called them and they were very friendly and helpful (I didnt know the first disc from them was free)

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