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Nav system failure

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I'm having a problem with my navigation system. I don't have the system specs at hand but it is the original system on my 2000 M5. I don't actually use the navigation very often but in the past month when I have checked vehicle position it says I'm out of map range even though the same disc had been working properly for the prior several months. My local service dept. tells me I need a new navigation system and antenna because the "system and the antenna are not communicating". These guys have not exactly inspired in me a great deal of confidence for their expertise so I thought I'd check to see if this is a problem that others here have encountered and if so, what was the fix?

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In have a similar age car. But being in the UK there may be other Nav diffrences. I diagnosed this same problem on mine from symtoms:

Intermittent (month/week on month/week off) failure of the Nav unit to pick up Satelltes. Dicking about with the connectors at the back of the Nav unit and ejecting the CD did get it to lapse into an 'on' peroid.

I'm convinced its connector related and that the actual units are fine.

To do it properly, I need to get all the electronic kit out from there and trace the cabeling since its very hard to do anything in situ.

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the 00 cars with the mk2 system (small screen nav) also had a separate gps receiver (integrated in later cars) so perhaps that has gone bad. You could probably pick up parts cheap off ebay or perhaps here in the classifieds, from someone who upgraded their nav (or upgrade yours!)
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