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NAV/OBC tricks

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I found these looking through some post on These may be well known by now, but I figured I'd throw them all together. Credit goes to other people, not me

Service Mode 1:
1) Get in car and close the doors
2) Turn key to position 1 or 2
3) Hit accept on NAV screen and make sure radio is off
4) Turn off car and pull out key
5) Turn key to position 2
6) Turn on radio and hold SELECT until the display flashes and goes to the Menu screen
7) Turn the right knob to the right 2 clicks and the system should pop into service menu

Use < > to scroll through the menu, use 1 and 2 to change options

Turn the radio off to save changes


Service Mode 2:
1) Turn key to position 2
2) Push the MENU button and then select SETTINGS
3) Push and hold MENU while in the settings menu until the Service Mode menu appears, release the emenu button


Programming the BC order in the Cluster:
1) Turn key to position 1 or 2
2) Press and hold the BC button (left stalk) until the cluster says PROG. The NAV screen with change to a all the BC scroll options with check boxes
3) Check/Uncheck boxes to determine which items you want to see in your Cluster when you scroll with the BC button
4) Press the Delete All Settings options to uncheck all boxes. Now as you start to check boxes, you will determine the order that the items come up on the display as your scroll.
5) Press Memorize to save settings
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