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Nav antennae doesnt work but...

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My ant isnt working, the copper cable is broken in the middle on the new MKIV unit, but when I input a location at a cross-road, it always has me 180 degrees off. That I find wierd.

Sensor panel says something about the gps not functioning

but the GPS panel says I have 8 satellites and the wheel sensor is working fine.

Very strange on the 180 degree thing. Shouldnt the map (it does track btw) work even if the ant. doesnt?

Went from MKII to MKIV so I have removed the trimble unit (As bimmernav says to do) and converted to a BM53 radio using their adapter harness.

Wierd. Will do more searching.
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No antenna = no way to position you on the map.

What GPS panel is teling you you have 8 panels? The "secret menu"? Because again, no antenna = no satellites...

Has the almanac been updated? That is also on the secret menu...

Lastly, the BM53 has nothing to do with the nav, but congrats on getting a new one :)

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