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Okay, so I had read all the posts on the hot and humid weather affecting our cars but having purchased my baby in April of this year I had nothing to compare the car to in terms of the weather.

Well the heat wave in New York City broke this morning yielding temps in the low 70's with significantly reduced humidity.

Ooohhh Mmmyyy!!! It was incredible. As one of our members commented when the weather is cooler it is like Nitrous and it is. When the car is running that well you simply cannot help but drop gears and not just pass but absolutely blow the doors off any poor soul that gets in your way.

You also cannot help but turn every corner into a downshifting, heel--toeing, engine screaming event with the radio blasting and a revival of all the high school dreams of car racing. Even in moving traffic I could not help but keep downshifting to keep the revs up so I could blast away at the next safe opening.

Anyway, my question to those members that also live in the metropolitan area is whether the IATS relocation mod gives this kind of performance even in the most recent heat wave. I had read some posts that indicated that unless you live in extreme temperature climates such as the west coast there is only a minimal difference in perforamance.

Thanks in advance.

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