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Hey everyone.

I've been lurking without registering for a while and reading up while I got ready to purchase a new to me M5. My username just got activated so now I can make my first post. There's lots and lots of q and a on here for people looking to purchase a used M5 so I figured whatever my experience ends up being will maybe help some others in the future.

I live in Colorado and found limited choices for 2006-2008 M5s around here. The couple I found had high miles or were priced higher than what I wanted to pay. I've had good luck buying cars out of state before so I looked around and am hoping things go well again. I watched eBay for weeks and weeks and found lots of nice cars, I noticed only one of about 25 M5s sell on eBay, normally the lower priced cars, normally private party.

I had a few requirements for options, some color and trim choices I didn't necessarily want and kept trying to find the right one for the right price. I eventually found one that seems to have every option that was available, which seemed rare. The color combo of Black/Black wasn't probably my first choice but definitely isn't my last.

It was on eBay and wasn't sold on the first go round. It is farther than I was hoping being on the East coast as there were a lot of nice cars in TX. I got the seller's number and gave him a call. He owned a Subaru dealership in his town but had sold it to start something else. He kept his own neighboring shop/yard/dealer license so is officially a dealer however this was his personal car for about a year and a half with one owner before. He says he is anal about his cars and has taken care of this one very well.

He has had the car to the BMW dealership and I have gotten the service records. I have talked to him a number of times on the phone and he says the car is basically flawless. When he acquired the car he purchased a 2 year BMW maintenance program and a 2 year EasyCare Warranty. He says he has had a few repairs done under the warranty, even small things as he looks for things to use the warranty for. Service records show a couple repairs done under warranty while he has had it. Having both of these makes me a little more at ease that things were taken care of as needed.


2006 (Late 2005 Build) M5 SMG
32k miles
Every Option Available
8 Months and plenty of miles left on both Maintenance (49k) and Warranty (100k)

So, all the funds should be to him tomorrow. I am in the process of arranging shipping, I would normally drive but work is busy this month and I just drove to IL last week. With gas creeping up I'd only save a couple hundred bucks.

I've read up on warranties and am trying to get information so I can get something lined up before the current one runs out. I am going to try and look at EasyCare, NAC (National Auto Care), Fidelity and Zurich. I emailed Bruce M because according to another post he sells NAC and Fidelity.

I plan on keeping this up to date as things progress. I'm super excited and hoping things go smooth. :)

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Just wanted to update this as that's the point of this thread.

The car is still in VT. I've spent some time getting info on warranties and shipping while the paperwork was working out.

The car currently has EasyCare Total Care which I'm told does cover all the big items on the car. It should have a $50 conversion fee and the current owner needs to do the paperwork. I called about getting it extended but it was over 7k for 48month/50k. I got quotes from member BruceM on NAC and will most likely go with it.

Bruce also filled me in on how shipping works after I had talked with about 4 shipping companies, all of whom seem to be brokers and I didn't understand why they couldn't tell me when the car would be picked up before I paid them. The car should now be on the list for someone to pick up after a price is agreed upon. Big thanks to Bruce for some great information on buying a big ticket car like these (for me at least), warranties and shipping.

Very excited for the car, it sucks having it so close yet so far.
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