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Over 1000 pictures with comments :thumbsup:

Massaschussetts and New York

My United States Round Trip in 5 Weeks with Members Part 1/6: MA and NY

Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Caroline, South Carolina and Geaorgia

My United States Trip in 5 Weeks with Members Part 2/6:IN, IL, WI, MN, NC, SC and GA

Georgia, North Carolina and Florida

My United States Round Trip in 5 Weeks with Members Part 3/6: GA,NC + FL

Florida, Atlanta, Louisiana, Texas, Kansas and Missouri

My United States Trip in 5 Weeks with Members Part 4/6: FL, AL, LA, TX, KS and MO

Colorado, Utah, Washington and Oregon

My United States Round Trip in 5 Weeks with Members Part 5/6: CO, UT, WA and OR leg

Arizona, Nevada and California

My United States Round Trip in 5 Weeks with Members Part 6/6: AZ, NV,

Meeting up Member Tisibeast in his BMW M5 E39 and Member trol in his black BMW M5 E60. I took the wheel of the M5 E60 and we hit it...

Until we hit soem obstacles at speed...

M Mobilitykit was able to make trol to limp home.

Tisibeast has a nice collection...

Porsche 911 Targa (993), a classic car.

Heading out to a car meet.

This Porsche GT2 was fast, EVOMS tuned GT700!

For some reason...

...all other cars where in the rearview mirror.

The Lamborghini Murciolago LP640 grey NSX was not stock... all!

Towards Grand Canyon I get to ride with another fellow BMW M5 E39 member!

Avoiding these guys!

Fire up ahead to the right!

Entering Grand Canyon!

Meeting up with JamesinLVand his stunning Interlagos Blue BMW M5 with RAC Monolite wheels.

Grand Canyon was much larger than you thought...

...and a proper way seeing it could apparantly be by airplane...

or canoing downstream.

The team... JamesinLV taking the picture!

Fueling up on our way to Vegas!

Aproaching Hoover Dam. Extra security measures are taking towards large vehicles since a truck packed with explosive driving over the dam could drown entire cities.

Therefore they are building a standalone bridge so you do not have to travel o nthe actual dam to get over it.

But it wil ltake a few years until it is finished.

The water has been higher..

Desert sun!

Approaching Member MrsBowen house in a gate community apparantly made for SUV :) Notice the full leather interiour!

Now this looks promising!

The BMW Z8, a true classic!

Excellent gathering!

Mrs Bowen has HUGE dog!

A inka orange 2002 in very good condition!

BMW drivers will notice similarities between todays BMW and a 70's BMW.

Clear and distinct dials and clear to the point just as today.

A promising bright young man with excellent taste in cars!

Viva Las Vegas!

Now was this a desert?

Home at JamesinLV and heading to Vegas the day after we arrived.

The one who did not getaway...

Visiting Shelby factory!

Shelby parts being added.

Heading out to check out the military airbase.


LAs Vegas Speedway!

BMW M Power!

Here it is 40,5 degrees Celsius! Over 110 Fahrenheit, very very hot! Engine temperature is not too hot.

Heading out for a lunch i nthe surrounding mountains.

Fun roads here and no cars!

Heading back from JamesinLV to try one night in Vegas!

Wynn! The world's largest Ferrari dealer is there. They charge you for entrance. It is not by accident you see Wynn in the background of the Ferrari 599 brochure...

Regardless, stunning hotels.

We are in a non-deserted desert...

I'd say Utah have room for expansion for hotels ;)

We saw Cirque de Solei performance at The Mirage.

The Venetian, regarded as one of the best..

Cirque de Solei Beatles show getting physical.

I stayed at the Monte Carlo, in USA.

James, thanks for the ride! Arrived in style!

The view!

The strip.

New York New York.

Old Excalibur.

Picture taking time!

The Luxor.

The Mandalay Bay.

The view from Mandalay Bay.

Finally some fellow Swedish people :D

Caesars palace.

And USA's only Koenogsegg dealership.

Paris in Vegas!

The Mirage at day.

Member DRM and his supercharged Dinan BMW M5!

In Chiaretto Red, a very rare BMW M5 colour only offerd the last two years.

Of course Donald Trump have put his mark here as well!


An obvious undercovercar.

Visiting All German Auto in Escondido, California.

Martin, CEO of All German Auto, originally from Denmark with his S62 powered Baja buggy. He is world series class with this car :M5rev:

This proves it :trophy_bronze:

Meeting up with local Members and drinks and beers (hundreds of them!) are on All German Auto :applause: cherrsagaicherrsagaicherrsagaicherrsagai

Did anyone say beer? :cheers: :7:

Having a great time!

Gather to go to All German Auto with designated drivers.

Checking out the DVDI :hihi:

Member DRM DInan S1 lurking in the dark :M5rev:

Moran on highway with highbeams IN TH REAR activated :rolleyes:

Member DRM nice garage :cool:

Good morning 600 HP BMW M5 E39 and 600 HP tuned POrsche 911 Turbo 996 (X50). Heading out for a tour!

Bouncing into a Corvette Z06 owner by chance.

Heading out to the fun roads!

Among the cars we had a turboed BMW M3 and a supercharged Dinan BMW 540i Touring. See the looooong thread about the immaculate Touring here.

Taking a pause! Some unnammed participants where literally FLYING!

Where not too far from Mexico here!

We got company!

Alot of lights!

Beautiful roads and scenery!

Heading towards Los Angeles!

We did not go in this car...

Beverly Hills Police Department :)

Heading towards Sunset Boulevard.

The parkingspace is looking promising :trophy_bronze:


Having a great time with fellow Members!

Nice view from the club :cool:

I like the plate on this facelifted Alpien White BMW M5 :applause:

I did not like the adsign opposite my hotelroom on Sunset Boulevard :dunno:

Daylight! Much better! :trophy_bronze: LA! I was looking forward to a great tour of LA and the surrounding areas by Member BKH. He sure is a truly cosmopolitan and I got a great tour, comparing it to several similar citis in USA, Canada and other parts of the world.

I recognize that sign!

Now here we have the real mansions in Beverly Hills. You cannot see anything of them :dunno:

But what you can see indeed do look indeed promising!

The classic hotel!

Rodeo Drive!

The Beverly Wilshire...

...has a Rolls Royce Phantom Stretch!

And our E39 BMW M5 in the reflection :thumbsup:

Gues where we are :dunno: Mullholland Drive!


Malibu! Along Pacific Highway I beleive?

A highway close to a beach? Wonderful!

Cruising along! At that moment, cruising along does not seems to be a too bad of a job but rather very nice!


Private jets incoming!

Downtown LA!

The classic trainstation of Los Angeles!

Checking out Chinatown!

Sitting in the train with a view towards the sea: heading for Santa Barbara! :applause:

Looks great! I want to jump off the train right now!

"Welcome to the Hotel California
Such a lovely place
Such a lovely face
Plenty of room at the Hotel California
Any time of year, you can find it here"

Now that looks like a nice island!

In Santa Barbara I was looking for a BMW M5 but I found Member Way2fast with this vehicle instead!

At least it was a BMW! :M5rev:

Sun is barely visible: we have bad forestfires!

Pacing the firetrucks! Going on a bike we clearly knew it was a fire, we almost had problems breathin in the mountains in the motorcycle.

Heading to Santa Maria! I did not think it was scary going 200 mph in M5 or M6, but it was somewhat scary going in a small Cirrus but this was about the scariest!

Santa Maria here we come!

Member Way2fast had a real classic there!

Look at those details! When we headed off to the restaurant we took this beauty!

But we had other means of transport :M5rev:

Which we sure used on our way to Concorso Italiano in Monterey!

Start the following morning!

The sun is almost folly obsctructed because of the smoke fro mthe forestfires :sad2:

We went along the coast. Just beautiful!

Zebras? :confused: They are from the world's largest private estate that was built on the nearbyhills, Hearst Castle. He had a "private" zoo where he raised Zebras among other animals.

Yes! :M5rev:

It cant be better! :thumbsup:

Or maybe it can :thumbsup:


Yes, the team! :thumbsup:

Some very nice M cars here :M5rev:

As some other very nice cars!

A Bugatti Veyron in the rearview mirror :7:

Do not speed! :nono:

And the Ferrari 599 parked next to the motorhome lovelove

Yes please lovelove

The BMW M5 crew is fueling up!

Buying Ice as well!

Taking a pause!

BMW M5! :M5rev:

Heading up to the hills!

For a great...

...barbeque at Member Barry's house! :trophy_bronze:

Stunning view!

Sun is setting!

But not the mood of the attendees! :cool:

They day after heading for the Monterey historics!

It is very clear that we are having and event together with fellow carnuts! :applause:

"Real" Bugattis!

The corkscrew at Laguna Seca!

The M-lineup of the spectators at Laguna Seca.

Car auctions in Monterey city!

Some stunning examples!


Enjoying the comfort of a LeMans Blue E39 BMW M5 with Caramel Full Leather interiour to Member PilotMike! His car is i nthe foreground. We had an excellent dinner at PilotMikes house in Monterey and we also had the opportunity to look at his supernice supersprtsbike!

Be careful :)

Be very careful :)

The last day, getting ready to leave Monterey and Carmel.

Via Palo Alto...

Visiting a fellow BMW M5 E34 M5 owner with a beautiful BMW M5 E34 with nice BBS wheels!

With the help from Mark I got to visit Google headquarters!

With solarpanels on the garage.

With a beautiful volleyball court!

Google is not only one of the most proffesional companies there eiist, but the coworkers seems to have the most fun while working!

Leaving San Fransisco :( TSA checks...

But my last throughts of SFO are great: BMW Alpina B7 advertisement!


Gorgeous and I was very sad to leave :(

Bay Area!

Changing flights in Boston and then Pennsylvania, then Frankfurt and finally Stockholm Sweden.

An experince fo a lifetime and word's cannot say enough to thank the memebrs for this experience. But Member M CRISIS and his perfect scheduling has been the key to this!

Member M CRISIS original plannign thread here. It is an unbeleivable journey in retrospect. I still half a year after have a hard time comprehending all of it but I hope my 1000+ pictures helped you gettign an idea of this and I wil try to show it more with upcomign videos as well.



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Wow! Nice photos from your whole adventure. With all the pictures of police from the US, you should share some of the police in Sweden with us! Haha.

I have also determined that I am moving to Sweden after seeing the photo from Las Vegas with "fellow swedish people". WOW

Thanks for sharing your experience, Gustav! It really makes me want to hit the country in the M5 this summer!

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Very nice photo and a good read...thanks for sharing:cheers:

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Fantastic Pics Gustav. I really like the pics of the Golden Gate through the fog.

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Gustav, great pictures. Was really great to see you in Monterey. Thanks for posting

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Gustav, thanks for the great pics!!
Which part of California did you enjoy most?

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Great Pics Gustav. I am glad to see I am the only one to put you on a sidecar rig. I don't think you could have handled more then one ride on one.

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plastique999, difficukt to say. It is just so myck of California to see, I recetly saw Sand Diego more and that was lovely!

Sam, yeah, that was the most adrenalinefilled ride I had during the full trip!
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