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My United States Round Trip in 5 Weeks with Members Part 3/6: GA,NC + FL

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Over 1000 pictures with comments :thumbsup:

Massaschussetts and New York

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Georgia, North Carolina and Florida

My United States Round Trip in 5 Weeks with Members Part 3/6: GA,NC + FL

Florida, Atlanta, Louisiana, Texas, Kansas and Missouri

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Bye bye!

Nothing like a very clean stock BMW M5. AC Schnitzer wheels here as well!

After five minutes I passed out!

Having a meet at Charlotte, North Caroline with many members. The black BMW M6 belongs to Member ttm6. It was quite tuned abd also clearcoated hood that matched the roof in a great way.

Looks like HRE Wheels!

Also a BMW M6 Convertible showed up and member Richard in NC red Ferrari 360 Convertible as well as todays courier: BMW M5 E34!

Checking out member ttm6 highly modified BMW M6! I also went to a testdrive and I also driving after 34 hours slep in 40 h is not a good combination. I am not Donnie Isley :hihi: :dunno:

Opposite lock on the carts! I was humiliated but drivers half of my age but it was alot of fun :applause: A pizza and coke was GREAT to have after a really long day! And it hadn't even begun yet, I was heading to Miami!

Enroute to Miami in the middle of the night. An airhostess prompted me to give her the camera and take this picture. The guy behind us does not lok too happy :dunno: :hihi:

Miami, Florida!

Greeted by member E55AMG2 in his E39 M5 that has been highly modified, including illuminated doorsills! Vefore coordinating a meting point I asked around at Miami Airport, asking direction in English but got a reply in Spanish :confused: Anyhow, off we went!

Gettinga great Cuban sandwich with ham and cheese, just what I needed at midnight!

Checking out the spectacular buildings of Miami!

Nicely integrated Valentine One radar and laser detector!

Miami Beach! I felt like coming into Miami Vice or Scarface movie!

It was hot and very humid!

Talk about a designed police car! Apparantly Miami Beach police are quite laid back and generally nice.

It was not too much action that day since it was a weekday...

BMW M5 E39 in the dark... A more appropriate vehicle would have been a white Ferrari Testarossa, a black Ferrari Daytona or an AMG Mercedes S-class :haha:

I beleive this is the only lace in the USA a bank office could look like this.

On our way to Active Autowerke and also later Sarasota!

Lesson 1: do not take down the window to take better pictures during Miami rain... It rained ALOT under a very short period.

Visiting Active Autowerke.

We also where lucky enough to see Member bbloch Supercharged BMW M5 E39.

Also a very seriously tuned BMW M3 E46 with supercharger.

Active Autowerke headers for the E60 M5.

Active Autowerke exhaust for the M5 and M6.

Their BMW M3 E36 US-version turbo kit.

Finally a proper car!

Miami Vice :D

Palmtrees is akmost a trademark for Florida!

A ricer...

Here Member E55 AMG2 and me is visiting Renntech, one of USA premier tuners, started by the former AMG employeed Hartmu Feyhl.

Powered by Renntech!

Renntechs wheels for the Mercedes.

Aftermarket headers!

Airbox for the Mercedes V-12 models.

Custom headers for the Mercedes G55 AMG Kompressor.

An Mercedes SL65 AMG gettign soem mroe power!

Fueling up enroute to a dinner in Boca Raton with several members at Maggiano's Itlian restaurant!

An excellent dinner in great company!

After the dinner we lined up the cars and had a nice talk about them. I managed to get the phone number to member KeithTa and also member RECONM6 with a NOS BMW M6 that showed up!

One tuned with Kelleners Sport camshafts, Dinan differential and everything else possible to tune it vs a NOS BMW M6...

Yes, that is NOS :D

White is the Miami colour, I beleiv white does not suit any location better than in Miami: cars in Miami should be white :D

After staying up to 3 a.m. playing with the BMW M6's we headed towards Saraota!

We are in the middle of nowhere, practically around a swamp and there is very low traffic but the police is still everywhere and they have Dodge Chargers...

And they LOVE to carch speeders!

Move over to the right lane please. Left lane is fot passing and not for huge trucks :)

Arrived in Sarasota and Heffner Performance! Member Mr Vrom greeted us and arrived in style, or make that double style: twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo SE!

I want to jump right in!

Some serious engineering here!

Mr Heffner himself.

Not room for a five weeks worth of USA luggage!

This will be a fast car!

Another fast Ford GT!

"Lambo-doors" on a Lamborghini that is not supposed to have Lambo doors?

This was quite nice addition, subtle but nice.

You are siting in a twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo SE and you have a pickup in the way...

The colour is indeed eyecatching! At a stoplight we approacheda few officers in a streetcorner, and some roadworkers sweeppign the streets after an accident. When we turned up the cops told the streetsweepers: "Better sweep better ther in front of that car, cecause these guy are going to hit it" :D

Member Mr Vroom did a quartermile pass with thecar above at 10,709 s @ 134,73 mph!

Also it did great at a Road and Track Airifeld Shootout in 2007!

Great results!

The Lamorghini Gallardo SE have very sleek lines, no doubt.

Shell V-Power in the USA; yes!

I belive the object in the rearview mirror will be alot farther back than it appear...

After low-flying it is time to do soem real flying!

Mr. Vroom told me that the plane has parachutes. Great I thought. I've only flew with private jets and aparanly this prop one has parachutes...

A Cirrus SR-22, apparantly not with your typical "backpacker" parachute, but the plane has an integrated full parachute for the whole plane!

Only 310 HP?

We are checking out!

We are going to Destin on the Flordia coast, near the US Air Force base Miramar (where they recorded 80's classic Top Gun).

I-Drive anyone?

Bye-bye Sarasota.

That propeller is LOUD! Good to have noise cancelling headphones!

First time in a private prop!

206 knots!

Destin here we come! This airfield was without a tower, so we had to spot obstacles by ourselves: if you look carefully on the large runway there was another smaller plane taxing out or just "driving around". Great, we had to make one more pass...

Landed! I do spot an interlagos Blue BMW M5 there as well! That must be member mcw331 (Mike) of Destin!
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What happened to Tampa?

Only kidding, I enjoyed the pictures!
We did a flyby.... Gustav made a hand jesture/salute to you guys...:haha:

It was nice to meet you Gustav, and Destin was a fun nite. Getting back to Sarasota the next day, was a different story. Not much sleep, and bad flying weather!! A bad combo, so I detoured to Gainesville FL, took a nap and made it home late!


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Thanks for the bump. It was good to read this again.

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when are you coming back to F L
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