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My thoughts on living with a Area 51 Supercharged M5.

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So far i have added 600 miles to the Blue Area 51 M5. Besides a MAFS replacement, and some new clamps for the cuplings, This thing has been great. It has been 2 of the hottest days here in Michigan. 90+degrees and 80% humidity. Ive been stuck in traffic, hammered 3rd -4th, then stuck in traffic again. No problems what so ever.

Shadowman(sorry for all the questions) has been an awesome help in sharing his thoughts on my questions.Trust me, I've asked him a bunch. :rolleyes:
The work on this M5 is impecable. Discovery automotive really outdid themselves. This is now my favorite car of ALL time.
Rob also is a great guy. I still can't believe you let me buy this thing. Thanks for the patience, Rob.

josh. :noSMG:
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There are very few people on this planet that I would have sold the car too and since I knew that we were both very much alike in both taste but personality, it seemed like a perfect fit almost from the start.

As for the car, I'm a patient man and I just say thanks for being patient with the car as I stated before some of the little issues that you had to deal with were not "as advertised" by me when we closed the deal. I take sales of my items very serious as I know I hate to get something that I did not expect when buying something.

Enjoy man, I enjoyed hearing the car in a video and knowing that I wasnt driving it, only because i knew that it was in good hands.
Glad to hear you are happy with your purchase, and that you got this little things fixed relatively quickly, Josh

I have enjoyed your posts from the very beginning, and had followed your ebbs and flows with your cars (and flying) episodes, be it the M5, the M3, the RMS experience (and kudos to you for being a fine gentleman through that time priod), the DA experience, the change in your life that prompt you to think the impossible: parting with your most beloved M5. It's an incredible saga, and you're still at a tender young age yet (anyone younger than 40 is of tender young age to me). I really respect your maturity and persistence through all these years. You are a fine man amongst men.

And Josh,
You are an idol to my daughter. I have followed most of your posts as well (here as well as the Porsche forums), from getting your M5, to all the mods, to buying your 996tt, to selling both cars to get Rob's uber M5. And of course you are even younger than Rob. :eek: :eek: Your spirit of adventure (on your board and on most car Boards) is truely awe-inspiring.

So I want to congratulate you both on first creating such an incredible machine, and then appreciating such uncommon creations. That defines enthusiasts in my book. These first two posts about the passing of the batan confirm what fine gentlemen you both are. I am privileged to have known you both in cyber-space.

So my best reagrds to both of you. Rob to move on with your life with fond memories of your ultimate M5, and Josh, for many years of enjoyment of this unique car in great health.

And I mean every word I say here, to the bottom of my heart.

Good luck.

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Actually chunpng,
I think im older that Rob. Maybe 2 years. I was born 76ish.

Keep it on the down low. I don't need all the young bucks thinking im washed up. Im trying to stay on top of the game. kinggf
Im 79....

old man river over there needs my car so he can "go back to the future!" HA HA
but has shadowman finished the work on the flux capacitor yet, what about the time space contium and beer, must be able to be fuel e d by beer
BEER? your talking about beer J?

By your typing of that last post, it seems like you are up to your nostrils in it already....
Hello Josh,
Like others, I've really enjoyed reading your posts. Please do continue to keep us updated with how things are going.

Even if it is just to keep telling us that you have this huge grin on your face!:haha:

Thank you!
Good to hear and I hope the car stays well! Imopressive car! When will we have the Supercharged M5 E39 vs the E60 M5 shootout?
Gustav said:
Good to hear and I hope the car stays well! Imopressive car! When will we have the Supercharged M5 E39 vs the E60 M5 shootout?

Are you bringing the car to the CCA Oktoberfest in September??

Oktoberfest 2005

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