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If you want to straight to the Supersprint factory visit and skip the trip down to Italy from Sweden.

This is relevant to all M5 and M6 owners: reviews of the headers for both the V8 and V10 owners. Do not miss the 9 videos of almost an hour below in total.

Quick links to the movies:

1. 300+ km/h on Autobahn
2. Arriving in Monte Carlo via Italy
3. BMW M Roadster Z4 vs BMW M5 E39 standard race on autobahn.
4. Ferrari F430 vs BMW M5 E39 "race" from Monaco to Italy
5. Comparison of Supersprint headers vs standard for V8 and V10 BMW M5
6. BMW M5 E39 on Superspritn Dyno
7. Comparison of standard BMW M6 headers vs Superpsrint headers
8. BMW M6 on the dyno
9. BMW M5 E60 on the dyno.
10. BMW M5 E60 on the dyno second run

The goal was to visit Supersprint in Italy with the joy of driving from Stockholm (click for Google Maps and Satellite view) via the French Riviera to Monte Carlo (click for Google Maps and Satellite view). In total I was gone for less than one week: Friday afternoon to Wednesday the following week.

We started from a Friday afternoon at 3.00 PM with a clean BMW M5 100% standard except Hartge top speed delimiter (click for an earlier video). As an added bonus we also had a new front because of this unfortunate experience. So no stonechips.

So we started around 3 o'clock from Stockholm, avoidign major queing. We had to take it easy through most of Sweden becuase of for hours we had this freindly car infront of us:

In fact from he was in front of us for hours so it was legal speeds all the way through Sweden.

We even ended up in queing at the south of Sweden so we decided to take the ferry over Öresund instead of going over the bridge between Malmö and Copenhagen.

Below was taken at the ferry to Denmark at 7.02 PM.

So taking the ferry offered us a good way to take a pause and eat something. Then we had the bad luck of queing through Denmark as well. However we had the luck of bouncing into somethign exotic on the way:

This Porsche 911 Turbo (997) was coinsidentically the very same Porsche 911 Turbo we later should meet up at the Koenigsegg airfield exotic shooutout:

However since we where travelling in a standard BMW M5 E39 with 400 HP we would not have so much luck in beating this car :1zhelp:, for that a Kelleners Sport BMW M5 E60 with 550 HP is needed (click for video).

Above we do the second fuel up of our trip, where we lost track of the Porsche 911 Turbo.

Above we are passing a bridge in the dark in Denmark at 8.53 PM.

Above we finally reached the ferry between Rödby and Puttgarten (Click for map).

After the ferry on the unlimited concrete roads of the German Autobahn. It does seem like there is some kind of secondary limiter that sets in at exactly 6500 rpm on 6th gear, since it feels like it can do more.

Video 1 below.

The top speed test. Click here.

6500 rpm on 6th gear with over 300 km/h on the speedometer.

Above you can see the secret function for that reveals the GPS speed in m/s which is 80,8 m/s. Time is 23.20 German time and 22.20 General Mean Time. Click on the picture or here for the exact location where we hit top speed.

Looks like we hit the top speed somewhere near here passing Beimoor on the A1 going South at 291 km/h (Click for map) going south on A1. Estimated time of arrival at 290 km/h is 6.34 A.M. to Monte Carlo, Monaco. We needed to pass through the whole Germany, Switzerland, Italy, some parts of France to arrive to our destination.

When fueling up we bought some Red Bull and of course the German Sport Auto which had a Supertest of the BMW 335i.

Fueling up again, now in Germany. Time is 00.58 PM. More fuel is needed after our first top speed run where we managed to go to well over 300 km/h on the speedometer and according to the GPS that is exactly 290,88 km/h, or 291 km/h or 181,8 mph.

Time to fuel up again at 02.56 AM, two hours later.

04.36 A.M. Time to fuel up again, one and a half hour later. If we consumed 2 liters / 10 km we averaged 200 km/h. My guess is that it consumed a litle less but we averaged over 200 km/h on certain distances...

Of course we fuel up with 100+ octane.

There we discovered that repeated 290+ km/h runs was too much for the rear cover between the exhaust, that is somewhere on the German Autobahn now...

Reaching Switzerland...

At 6.00 A.M. we finally reach beautiful Switzerland with Basel behind us towards direction Milan (Click for map).

However we have speedlimits in Switzerland so from what I remember we where flashed around five times by stationay cameras, this was especially common in tunnels.

Taking a pause to get some air from the Alpes.

On the excellent Italian (pay) autostrada we met up with this Nismo 350Z which surprisingly enough could stay at our back from a sprint from 100 km/h to around 200 km/h.

07:20 AM
Fueling up in Italy. We thoughtthat you had to tip these guys who fueled up for you, but we didn't have cash. So we bought them a Bounty candy everytime and gave them, which everybody seemed to be overtly happy about. Then after a few fuelups we realized that it was one line for "help your self" and one for served (Servito) which you paid more per liter...

:confused: :dunno: Only in Italian?

From the dusk and cold weather in Sweden to Southern France :7:

09:08 A.M. Working on the ETA along the Italian Mediterrian coast...

Monte Carlo here we come...

10.30 A.M. Clooooooser...

We actually chose that hotel above to stay with a nice view over France (from France) and Monaco. Time to start looking for nice cars hmmm Monaco is the most densely populated country in the world with an area of 1.95 square km (482 acres)

Passing our soon to be hotel.

Video 2. The trip through Italy and finally arrived at Monaco after 18 hours of driving and over 2500 km. Click here.

Looks like the
Monegasques also have taste: Silverstone II BMW M5...

...and a Black Sapphire BMW M5 E60.

And one more!

Looks like the Fast and the Furious not have been a success in Monaco and France...

...which is releiving to see.

Monegasques still have something to learn when it comes to cars ouich;)

Some of the houses in Monte Carlo.

11.00 P.M. Arrived at the harbour of Monte Carlo. So between 19,5 and 20 hours from Stockhol to Monte Carlo, over 2500 km.

We easily lost 2-3 h through Sweden because of ques and traffic but we made up for that going through Germany and our average was over 130 km/h on the whole trip which we had the one of the best car in the world for this purpose. The questions is what the time would be with an E60 M5 since its somewhat higher fuel consumption. Also, we would have not have had this speed through Germany with a 250 km/h speedlimiter. The last stretch through basel was constantly between 250 and 300 km/h but at soem stretches in Germany it was simply impossible to go over 240 km/h because of turns, bends, hills and mountains (the autobahns around Kassel is lovely however).

Many yachts are here because of the upcoming Monaco Yacht Show.

After this trip we weren't physically tired, only sleepy. But nowhere did anything ache and you felt very relaxed, whcih you would not have done on that Porsche 911 Turbo going from Denmark... Or in that case Ferrari F430 or Gallardo.

On the picture above if you would turn around 180 degrees you will see the tunnel the Formula one cars enter after the uphill after the start / finishing straight.

Lady Moura have been around for a while, seen everywhere. The largest yachts could not enter Monaco harbour since they go to deep. The largest ones like Microsoft founder Paul Allen's Octopus is at IYCA at Antibes.

Nice view overlooking the harbour.

Many nice yachts that not necessarily are powered by engines...

... and is not nessecarily registred in any European country.

At the top of the hill you can see the castle.

...or Cayman Islands...

Also smaller boats can be nice. There is always someone who has a larger toy than yourself...

A parked helicopter on the boat...

It was quite crowded in the harbour.

We where lucky to see the new spectacular 70 WallyPower Open. As Wally Power themselves describe it:

"The 70 WallyPower Open features the suite interior layout of this motor yacht design. The glass superstructure is open to the aft transom, and the air conditioning acts as a barrier between the outside and the inside. As a result, the deck is a large open space. The accommodation features a very large owner’s suite forward taking up two thirds of the interiors. The two MTU diesel engines generating 3,000 Hp and driving KaMeWa water-jets, provide 45 knots of speed full load at continuous duty with a consumption of only 250 litres – 66 US gallons per hour."

"Shaka is the fourth boat and Tango the fifth one of the Wally 80 design: they both are the flush deck, three cabin version of this successful yacht combining the hull lines of Farr Yacht Design with the interiors and styling of Lazzarini Pickering Architects and Wally. Shaka features the canting keel while Tango has the fixed keel and the wide central skylight."

"Y3K uniquely combines the performance of a maxi racer with the characteristics of an ocean cruiser. This 29-meter (94-foot) sloop has been successfully competing in the Mediterranean regattas as well as cruising in great comfort."

Going towards the casino with the company of a Ferrari F430 Spider and a Mercedes E55 AMG based Brabus K8.

And a German registred Ford GT40 as well...

Parking on the small shopping street the M5 does not look totally out of place.

An Italian Lamborghini Muciolago and Range Rover Sport.

One part of the casino.

Bentley Continental Flying Spur at the "roundabout" at the Casino...

Apparantly we missed some kind of rally

Yes please...

And what do we have here, but not a true modern day BMW classic: the S62 powered BMW Z8. Also on the cliff behind the car you can see the casrtle we would park the M5 outside this evening.

Old SL where it really stood for it's designation: Sport Leicht = Sporty and light...

...and here we have a modern day SL. Proper name is UH55 AMG, Unsporty and Heavy. This was a Brabus modified SL55 AMG. Below is a K8, a modified E55 AMG:

No that is not quad exhausts...

It is 6 exhaust pipes!

Wow, this is not your regular Porsche 911 Turbo, it is the 993 Turbo S which is super unique in European version with 450 HP only sold in 342 examples compared with the 2331 for the regular 911 Turbo during 1997 and 1998.

So after we cruised around the area around the Casino -without gambling- we decided to try to park the car somewhere. We found a garage after a few Maybach, Lamborghini and Mercedes dealerships. The garage turned out to be a pleasent surprise...

Parking the car next to a perfect example of a Monaco-registred E12 5-series with only 100 000 km:

Besides old BMW we also found other fast cars...

So we parked the car and started to find our way out walking (of course)...

...this looks promising. Time to turn around and grap a towel and bathing stuff.

Ahhh, after 20 hours of driving having some sun in the end of Sepetember at 25 degrees Celsius is peeeerfect!

Chill-out time :)

However there are always someone that have it somewhat better than yourself in Monte Carlo...

...but in fact it seems that this millionair have some problems. The cannot manage to land on the yacht! Kind of like not being able to find a parking sport, you know the feeling.

So I assume he just had to "park" somewhere else and take a boat.

In addition to signs we have some of these guys as well...

Here we are exactly opposite the tunnel entrance where we parked when we arrived. Many of these flats do rent out their apartements durign the F1 races for large sums. Some apartements have excellent views of parts of the track.

Heading for Antibes harbour and IYCA for the evening to see the really large yachts. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's Octopus. Built in 2003 by Lürssen in Germany with a tonnage of 9930 metric tons. It has two helicopter pads, basket court, "garage" for submarine and tender.

Octopus was so large that it really was a problem gettign a voerview of it becasue it was so large.

Another huge yacht built by Lürssen is Carinthia VII, who is own by a widow of German billionaire Ms Heidi Horten. Beautiful dark blue hull and 97 meters long it had a more tasteful design than the Octopus. With four 9925 HP engines she can reach a remarkable 25 knots.

I would like to have see Carinthia VII in the daylight as well.

Double stairs up leadign up to the entrance. Home port is Antibes.

Also a large sailingboat was in Antibes harbour. Beautifully illuminated.

A "smaller" yacht with a huge TV-screen near the entrance.

The garage under the Casino in Monte Carlo also contaained soem nice surpises:

Ferrari 575 Superamericana...

Rolls Royce Corniche was just made in 374 examples and had a 325 HP turbocharged V-8. 738 Nm is impressive but the top speed of 215 km/h is not... This was the last Rolls Royce built before BMW took over the company . It was also the last Rolls Royce to come off the Crewe powerplant after it was completely dedicated to producing Bentleys. This was also the first -and last- Rolls Royce to be based on a Bentley and not the opposite way around.

So, we are havign extreme prototypes as well here?

When the evenign cam we cruised around on the F1 stretch and also looked for some races, which later at the evening got.

Nice cars outside the disco, a Mercedes SL65 AMG...

And the larger brother Mercedes McLaren SL-R...

A Ferrari 612 Scagletti and a Lamborghini Diablo... well as a Aston Martin DB9 next to the car on the nicest parking spot ;)

a Sapphire Black BMW M5 of course!

On the way to our hotel we spotted a BMW 5-series and a Ferrari F430 COnvertible going out from Monte Carlo towards Italy along the hilly highways along the coast. Although we knew we didn't standa chance we had alot of fun following him through the tunnels and down the hills to the Italian border at 3 a.m.

The sound in the tunnels was amazing and the blue flames from the Ferrari F430 was very visible!

Video 3: The Ferrari F430 chase along the Mediterrian coast from Monaco towards Italy. Click here.

Maybe it didn't look so fast but the roads where great with very sharp angle downhill along with excellent curves with hunreds of meters on the sides of the road, so you did not wantto crash there. And we both knew that the Ferrari F430 could outhandle us easy there so we took it relatively easy. However the exhaust looked of the F430 beuatiful with almost constant blue flames shooting out from them.

Parking in style at our hotel. BMW M5, Ferrari 612 Scagletti and Jaguar XK-R.

Please repark it nice...

Which he did!

The hotell overlooked Monaco on one side and France on the other side.

And during the day...

Far away to go and swim but still a beuatiful view.

An Aston Martin Vanquish with France in the background...

Next day on our way towards SuperSprint close to Bologna in Northern Italy for a demonstration of their headers for the V-10 and V-8 BMW M5. Just in the beginning of the Italian coastal roads we met up with an Audi RS6 that did not want to play. But it was an excellent companion on these beautiful roads.

The Italian highways might not got more beautiful when we went firther away from the Cote d'Azure, but they sure got more fun! Downhil land VERY curvy as you can see on the navigation above.

Meeting up a Porsche 911 Turbo (996)... well as Porsche 911 Carrera (997).

Picking the "wrong" line in Italy where you get the car fueld up for you but a higher fee per liter. The "cheaper" price is around three times as more expensive as in USA...

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Arrival at Supersprint

Arriving at Supersprint in Northern Italy.

After driving from Monaco we drove through Italy and straight for a hotel close to Supersprint factory. Superpsritn manufactures both exahusts but most importantly headers for the E39 M5 and E60 M5 and M6, so for both V8 and V10 versions of the M cars.

The plan was to test a full Superpsrint exhaust on the E39 M5 and dyno it before and after. The E39 M5 was completely standard with standard ECU. The only modofication was removed top-speed limiter from Hartge but the engine ECU was not tampered with.

Secondly I was very curious to see the difference in design of the standard M5 headers for both the V8 and the V10 and the Supersprint ones. I have documented this both on video and on pictures, which you can find below. I found it easy to see where the extra HP came from and how restrictive the original headers where after my visit.

Arriving to Supersprint and we are reserving at leasta full day for the installation of the system.

Accompanied by a Jaguar...

Here the E39 M5 Superpsrint headers are assempled. The four different "pipes" can be separated since that makes installation much easier and you do not have to lift the engine of the car when the all parts are not in one piece.

A brief glance of the difference between the E39 M5 original headers to the left and the Supersprint to the right.

Here is the complete system that will be installed with racing cats, headers, x-pipe and exhaust. I chose the less loud "Magnum" exhaust instead of "Race" exhaust.

Supersprint does engravements and production of many exhaust tips for companies such as Audi tuners MTM and ABT and also for OEM manufacturers as Seat's race departement.

Race cats are smaller than the standard cats.

The total savigns in weight are compared to the standard system is around 50% to around 45 kg in total for the full Supersprint system.

Here you clearly see how restrictive the standard E39 m5 headers are with the exhuastes pushed out of the engine into almost a "wall" instead of a rounded curve.

The Supersprint headers the bends are more formed after so the exhausts can go smooth our from the engine.

Video 4: comparison of standard BMW M5 E39 headers and BMW M5 E60 headers. Click here.

Here you can see a comparison of the BMW M5 E39 headers and the Supersprint headers for the E39 M5 V8.

Time to dyno the car both before and after the modifications.

We had decent fans but it was quite hot, but the dyno did correct for this.

O2-levels was also measured before and after the catalysts before and after the modifications.

The car as standard 411 HP and after the modifcations it had 441 HP. This was with not any other changed than the complete exhuast system including headers. The car did feel more powerful afterwards and alot more rev-happy. The power increased over 4000 rpm and the characteristics was a bit more rev happy than before. Although I think a standard E39 M5 would be able to outrun a 2006 Audi RS4 this Supersprint system sure did help to really win the race. See this link for a Supersprint BMW M5 vs Audi RS4 2006.

Video 5: The Supersprint dyno of the BMW M5 E39: Click on the image below or here for the dyno run with the full Supersprint system.

The Supersprint headers fro the E60 BMW M5 and the E63 BMW M6

Here are som parts of the headers to the BMW M5 E60. Every "tube" for each cylinder is removable making (as in the E39 M5) installation easier so you do not have to lift the engine to install the headers. The springs makes the connection also a bit flexible and the round "thing" in the left lower corner above is working like a gasket between the parts.

The headers mounted along with the springs.

Many bends. At the extreme left you see connectioions for the O2 sensors.

Looking inside the connecting parts of the headers really makes you understand that the production is complex.

Here you can see a system for the BMW M6 compared to Supersprint headers.

The secondary catalyst of the original BMW M6 exhaust is above to the right. The Supersprint version only have one catalyst.

Supersprint headers compared to stock for the BMW M6 V-10.

Here is the catalyst for the BMW M5 Supersprint system.

Supersprint E39 M5 and E60 M5 headers next to each other.

A complete set above.

The holes where the screws should go in to the engine are more complex than one might think: it has to be accessible both to connect and disconnect the headers without lifting the engine or major disconnections of parts.

These are the headers for the Porsche 911 Carrera (996). Supersprint did make headers for many different cars which to me seems likea fundamental upgrade since you can see how restrictive standard headers are compared to aftermarket in most cases.

Video 6: Comparison of standard BMW M5 E60 headers.
Click below or here for an analysis on the Supersprint M5 E60 headers compared to the original headers.

On the video above you can see what compromises that had to be done when designing the original headers. BMW had to make some of the headers more narrow in order to make them more easy to fit and accessible with tools.

Video 7: BMW M6 on the Supersprint dyno. Click here.

Video 8: BMW M5 on the Supersprint dyno. Click here. And for second BMW M5 video click here.

Above are three movies of BMW M5 and BMW M6 on the Superspritn dyno.

Ferrari museum visit

We also visited the Ferrari factory and museum. Coming in on a Sunday we could only see the musem, which was quite nice.

So here we have a not complete Ferrari...

The "mini-Enzo" the Ferrari 599.

If you have ordered yours for €250 000 you could immiedatly sell it with a profit today of €50 000.

Yes, even the headlights inserts are out of carbon on the Ferrari Enzo!

Yes, Rod Stewart also has an Enzo and a 575 Superamerica...

As well as Axel Rose.

And apparantly they choose Bridgestone Potenza...

And this was all we got to see of the Ferrari factory...

The way home

I drove through Austria home which was nice.

Excellent highways and long roads down the hills. Easily to go faster than the 130 km/h speedlimit...

Ski jumpers are present in Austria... Maybe not the season for them.

But there is always Polizei!

Soo, cash or card? €200 and the informed me that I needed 30% more braking power when going downhill. And that I was not allowed to to 160 km7h on 120 km/h roads.

Typically, the weather was excellent and very little traffic when they used their radar gun.

Just to be a complete rainstorm minutes after with alot of traffic. I was very happy for DSC here, especially when you have BMW X5 behind you that made a point of passing. It was particularly annoying gettign caught in Austria since they bascially have excellent Autobahns as well but with speedlimits...

Video 9 : The BMW M Z4 Roadster race.
Click here.

Here we race a BMW Z4 Roadster when the BMW M5 was completely standard on German Autobahn on the way down. We had only removed the top speed limiter from Hartge.

North of Munich I see a beautiful Audi S8 that did not want to play and the conditions where not the best either. With 441 HP I should be quite prepared or at least better prepared than before.

In the que for the ferry I notice an interestign plate... I also notice the quad exhausts meaning this is a V8 Kompressor CL55 AMG with 500 HP. Too bad I lost him after he drove off the ferry, but for winning against him I need a E60 M5.

In the middle of the Öresundsbridge goes the border between Denmark and Sweden. Home sweet home and 110 km/h limit...

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Very nice write up and pic's and videos Nice trip as well..
keep it up

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Looks like a great trip. The photos were excellent. It sure makes me want to go to the F1 race in Monte Carlo someday. I did take a tour of the Ferrari Factory in 1989. I will tell you about that one when you are here in August. You will go crazy at Italian Concorso day. There will be several hundred Ferraris there.

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Great write-up Gustav.
Let me know next time your are on the westcoast so we can meet up. Would love to hear and ride in a fully converted supersprint system.

M5 Extraordinare!
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You never cease to disappoint, Gustav! Keep up the good work!

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Well, as usual, your over the top !!! Such a great job....what a life im envious...thanks for the vids and GREAT pictures, you are the "BALLS"... thanks again.............greg

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I really enjoyed your write-up and videos! I wish us here in the U.S. could plan an awesome road trip like that. Makes me envious of you all in Europe. How long did the entire trip take you?

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Very nice. Helluva road trip. I liked the cars, but those yachts, wow!! Gustav, this thread is calling for a few pics of some sexy french girls. I am sure you have.

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Vason said:
I really enjoyed your write-up and videos! I wish us here in the U.S. could plan an awesome road trip like that. Makes me envious of you all in Europe. How long did the entire trip take you?
Maybe we need to do a group trip to the factory and the ring. I think BMWCC does something every year. I wonder if the factory would set us up with M5s for a 7-10 day tour of Europe? Anyone have any contacts there?

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Incredible write-up as usual! I live vicariously thorugh you.

In front of the nightclub, I think the Vanquich was a V8 Vantage. I didn't see the signature foglights for the larger Astons.


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Great pictures, especially like the ones of the Alps and Monaco, i hope to live there one day but i might need to win the lottery first.

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Unbelievable essay and pictorial. I was in Cannes and Monaco this past September, and your pics bring back memories of the trip. Saw Paul Allen's "boat" there, as well as more than a few other mega-yachts. My hotel room in Cannes overlooked the harbor, and by coincidence, a boat show was beginning the last couple days of my stay. The yachts there were amazing. Some people have unreal amounts of money, and a Ferrari or Lambo (or three) are just comparatively cheap toys.

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great story
i read through all of it
and watched all of the movies

you gave ma godd 30 minutes of good mood

btw a friend of mine lives in Monte Carlo and he has Conti Gt there, last time i was there, we were beaten couple of times by porsche and ferrari

it is a Meca of exotique cars

next u will be planning a trip in Europe let us know maybe we will make a group tour in a big bus with beer and PS (Sony)


Respect Gustav

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AHHHH Monaco... I miss it... cant wait till May.... Wonderful piece Gustav!!!!
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