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I'm at this forum for a while, but never posted really something. so first who i am.
My name is Janko and i'm 19 years old, and living in Holland.
My first car when i was 18, was also a m5 e39, an oxford green from 1999.
i've had very bad luck with that one, many things had to be fixed. Vanos was not working, other differential, clutch ,flywheel, and gearbox was on his way too
and then i had an accident with it, not that it couldn't be fixed, but with all the money to make the car 100%, you could buy another one.
so i was made an not to bad offer and sold the car.:sad3:
and then the search for another one began, together with my Dad. We have looked at many cars, i think 9 entirely.
And i was always thinking about a Le Mans blue one, so a LMB with caramel int was found.
The owner was even smoking in the car, and i could't believe what i was seeing, when he opened the hood it was even worse, what a mess under that hood. and after the test drive, with various sounds from the engine and gearbox we get home as fast as we couldhiha
months later we found another LMB, this is a really nice owner and also member of M5board:thumbsup:
A good friend of us who works at the dealer, was going with us the entire time. and looked for errors and under the car, and a little test drive. nothing was wrong with it, only small imperfections at the paint.
1 week later, i've decided to buy the car, and we went the car to retrieve, i wanted the car so bad that with weather alerts we were going for ithiha
i didn't want to drive it home in the snow, so my dad did fortunately.
First thing when i was home, was wassing the car:grinyes:
and a couple weeks ago some claying and waxing.
then the sound had to be changed, so i saw some exhaust tips from member mmczee on here, thanks Cal:thumbsup:
Together with my uncle we made them fit under the car.
and with a good friend of my, we made two photoshoots from the Beast.
One snowshoot and a nice weather shoot:grinyes: Thanks Tom and Rick ive you read this:goldcup:
so let the pics do the talking, first a couple pics of the old beast(oxfurd grun)
and 2 very nice movies

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Luxury vehicle Executive car

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Personal luxury car Bmw

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Personal luxury car Executive car

Vehicle Transport Car Mode of transport Tree

Vehicle Car Sand Road Landscape

Mountainous landforms Vehicle Car Mountain Spoil tip

Vehicle Car Hood Bmw Personal luxury car

Automotive tire Tire Vehicle Car Motor vehicle

Land vehicle Vehicle Snow Car Winter

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Luxury vehicle Automotive tire

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Snow Winter

Snow Winter Vehicle Car Freezing

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Regularity rally Bmw

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Executive car Luxury vehicle

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Luxury vehicle Bmw

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Alloy wheel Automotive tire

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Luxury vehicle Executive car

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Luxury vehicle Personal luxury car

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Personal luxury car Luxury vehicle


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Some great photos. Well done on eventually finding a good one too; there are a few abused and unhealthy cars knocking around but a good one is worth the wait!cherrsagai

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Congrats. Just picked up a LMB myself. Great cars.

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LMB is an amazing color one of my favorites
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