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My New Beast is Home!

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The beast I bought in California last month is home in the frozen north. :haha:

Its actually been here for a week and a half, but it went right into the garage for full fluids change, cleaning and general drooling upon. lovelove

I put 2600 miles on it by the time I got it to the docks in Tacoma. There are a number of ricers up and down the west coast that had to go home and cry into their milk bottles after meeting up with me and the beast!

Its now on the road here at home, for limited drives, as the side streets still have some snow on them. In three drives, I've already had three people try to race me: a Ford F350 (okaaayyyy), some guy in a Jetta who almost went off the road TWICE trying to keep up with me on the highway (he was clear on the left shoulder on a couple of corners, geez ouich, but I was being mean and playing with him, slowing down to let him catch up, then zooming off again), and last night, some guy in a Camry. I didn't even bother with him, wasn't worth the effort. :rolleyes:

So here's a couple of pics. Don't freak out about the snow, the roads I'm driving on are all dry. Only (minor) issue I've had is that the Michelin Pilots are a wee bit hard at cold temps, they don't hook up as well. But that will cease to be an issue in a week or two.



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