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Ok, maybe it is time for me also make some kind of showroom topic of my Sh1tbox :)

So, lets start...

My Beast is made 11/1999 (take in use 07/2000), so it is pre-facelift. This car was originally bought in Germany. Imported to Finland in 2003 if I remember correctly. I am the cars 3rd owner.
Mileage is now ~202 000km (04/2011). I have owned it since ~179 000km (07/2009)
Summer rims are oem Parallel Spoke 65 (8x18" and 9.5x18") with Michelin Pilot Sport 2's (front 245/40/18 and rear 275/35/18).
Winter rims are oem Parallel Spoke 66 (8x17" and 9x17") with Nokian R (all 235/45/17)

And here is my option list;

S265A Tire Pressure Control (RDC)
S352A Double Glazing
S354A Green Stripe Windscreen
S403A Glas Roof, Electric
S416A Sunblinds
S428A Warning Triangle
S441A Smokers Package
S465A Through-Load System
S508A Park Distance Control (PDC)
S609A Navigation System Professional
S620A Voice Input System
S629A Car Telephone (GSM) W Card Reader Front
S672A CD Changer BMW For 6 CDS
S676A Hifi Loudspeaker System
S761A Individual Sun Protection Glazing
L801A Germany Version
S818A Main Battery Switch
S863A Europe/Dealer Directory
S879A German/Owners Handbook/Service Booklet

S210A Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
S216A Servotronic
S261A Side Airbag For Rear Passengers
S302A Alarm System
S423A Floor Mats, Velour
S459A Seat Adjustment Electrical With Memory
S488A Lumbar Support Driver/Front Passenger
S494A Seat Heating for Driver/Front Passenger
S500A Headlight Washer System/Intensive Cleaning
S520A Foglights
S522A Xenon Light
S534A Automatic Air Conditioning
S548A Speedometer With Kilometer Reading
S555A On-Board Computer
S710A M Leather Steering Wheel
S775A Individual Roof-Lining Anthracite
S785A White Direction Indicator Lights

S415A Sunblind For Rear Window
S464A Skibag
S473A Armrest Front
S602A On-Board Monitor with TV
S694A Preparation for CD Changer

And My Mods to the car;
- Supersprint Race Back Boxes (done by previous owner)
- Supersprint X-Pipe (done by previus owner)
- Hella OEM Facelift headlights
- Hella OEM Facelift tail lights
- Custom Clutch Stop
- LED interior lights
- 3W LED Angel Eyes
- Carbon Black kidneys
- Defa engine heater
- 16:9 Navigation Screen
- MKIV Navigation Unit
- Wiechers Aluminum Strutbar
- K&N Panel Filters
- AlphaN + Powermapping by Evolve (Stage XYZ)
- E60 Short Shift Kit
- ZHP Illuminated Gear Knob
- HEL Brake Lines
- EBC Yellow Stuff (F) & Red Stuff (R) Brake Pads
- OEM E39 Subwoofer with Focal Solid 2 Amplifier
- Intravee II & Alpine 420i with iPod Classic 120gb

- Side trims to Carbon Black
- Front bumber needs new paint
- Some Coilover set

Some photos of my car;

And before(Ennen)/after(Jälkeen) pics from my "polisher" :)

Ok, thats about it... :M5launch:

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Oh, and LOTS of service has been done to this.
Example Rod Bearings, Chain Guides, Vanos units, suspension parts (except dampers and springs)... And tons of more :)

Allmost every service is done by our "own" Beast engineer Raikku aka. VantaaM5. VERY big hand for him of everything! :goldcup:

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Two questions:

1.) Any details on what products and methods were used for the detail? The results look fantastic!
I will ask her... But I am pretty sure, that she did use her "own mixtures" also...

2.) I know it's random, and probably fruitless, but in the first pic I quoted those rims in the background to the left of your car... any information on them?? They look perfect for a project I've been planning.

Nice car!
Those rims were in my friends E36 M3 and they are RH X-Rad's.

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The detailer did an amazing job! The car looks badass and clean :cheers: Quite an improvement from the last time I saw it, buried under 70cm of snow :2:
It has not been under 70cm of snow... Maybe you mean Antti's car? Which is "behind" that blue container?
My sh1tbox has been allways quite near the garage door in Raikku's workshop ;)

Uh, still 24 days to get driving license back... Loooong time to wait (I have been waiting it now 180 days :crying: )

But 2nd of May.... :M5rev::M5launch:

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You still think you get the driving license cute...:D

70 cm snow on top of any of the M5s....Would know that...more like 30cm on top and 70cm around them...:biggrin:

When do we pick up your car from the detailing girl?

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Very nice looking Carbon Black beast Mailman. Glad to see you are taking great care of her.

Why do you Finnish guys always call your cars "Sh1tbox"[es]?

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Your car is no sh1tbox. I've ridden in it and thought it was great. And plenty fast, obviously. :)

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Uuh, finally I did get my Beast back to home. After many many months.
And body was sooo beautiful after polishing and etc. :eek:h:
But of course, it is dirty again (quite wet weather here in capital area now) :(

Also installed Intravee II + Alpine 420i + iPod Classic today. Seems to work pretty well. Just have to really learn how to work with it :biggrin:
I did get this PDC "display" work in odometer, and also did get some "engine" info to the Navigation screen...
Oh, also I did get automatic mirror folding work with this when I lock the car ;)

Installation was pretty straight forward;

- Remove cd-changer and its cables
- Install cd-changer cables to Intravee
- Install cable between Intravee and Alpine 420i
- Install cable between Alpine 420i and iPod

And thats it :M5launch:

Why do you Finnish guys always call your cars "Sh1tbox"[es]?
Usually there is allways something to do with these cars, so thats why. And also Sh1tbox is just somekind of joke/usual nickname in "our group" to these "bastards" :)

Because he hangs out too much with me...:7:
This could be the main reason :haha:

Your car is no sh1tbox. I've ridden in it and thought it was great. And plenty fast, obviously. :)

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