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Car: 2008 BMW M5
Engine: 5.0L V10
Tranny: 7 speed SMG paddleshift with a joke of an auto mode

Exterior Pros: Looks sleek, built very solid, good visibility.
Interior Pros: Roomy interior, above average sound system, a lot of well thought out features, excellent build quality (no rattles), above average materials, the seats are amazing; cooled seats are a must in hot climates, HUD is nice to have. Alcantara lining on the roof is nice.
Performance Pros: Nice sounding engine note, very fast in a straight line (especially at high speeds), great highway vehicle, many suspension/shift settings are nice to fine tune your experience, brakes perform very well. Ability to limit the cars power for the wife. Perfectly spaced gear ratios for maximum acceleration at any speed.
Other pros: The M touch on everything.

Exterior Cons: The car is very long, 11" more than a 3 series with not that much more interior room, most people can't distinguish it from a standard 5 series. Car looks a bit dated compared to the new 5 series out there.
Interior Cons: very boring looking and dated, decent interior space and trunk (not great) for the size of the car
Performance Cons: feels very heavy when turning, not the best handler. Transmission is VERY jerky at low speeds/stops, and in drive mode. Requires throttle modulation to minimize jerkiness. Flat out violent shifts in race shift mode. Shift settings are either bad for the SMG pump or the clutch. Engine eats a lot of oil. Very little low end torque/power for daily driving. Previous M5 engine made more power in the low to mid range. Very expensive and limited performance market, with little gains to be had for the dollar.
Other Cons: Car is heavy for a performance oriented vehicle. Expensive new. Gas mileage
Horrible depreciation. Very expensive to own outside of the free warranty and maintenance.

Summary:A great tourer/highway beast. Wolf in sheeps clothing, a great mix of a business/family/performance vehicle all in one, however, slightly impractical for a daily driver, especially in city or bumper to bumper traffic, hard to manage in tight spaces. For daily driving in the city, an M3 sedan or CTS-V would be a better choice.
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