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Good day, dear colleagues!

I'm new here. I've already listed dozens of topics and read lot of yours discussions and I'm ought to say - I like it :)
To start with. My name is Milan, I'm from Moscow, Russia. Consider myself as a BMW classic cars fan, I'm in young-timers, especially BMW.

As a confirmation of such a self definition I owe BMW e34. I've bought it in spring 2017. Since that lot of changes were implemented in it. So that's a core started topic idea - to tell you about this changes.

I hope it will be interesting to you to read and gain some information and experience. Also I expect to gain same from you by getting information and advices via forum!

I guess that I will post a messages time to time, because it's pretty lot of information and photos to share with.

In very brief to form your expectations:
1. Prologue: car bought, specs, expectations and wishes
2. Swap s62b50 engine and other core parts into e34
A) engines bought and couple of stories with that
B) M gear box, flying wheel, back M gearbox and ect.
C) cooling system
D) problems and solutions
3. Exhaust system upgrade
4. Suspension changes
5. Brakes questions
6. Electrical issues and programming
7. Paint works
8. Interior design
9. Exterior look

I'll try to provide a good condition information with video and photo materials. All the work is already done. Please find couple photos of my dreaM car, actual look !


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Hi, Interesting project. I've got a bunch of BMWs and have a couple of projects in mind but probably never would have considered putting an S62 into an E34. Very cool. Was your car originally a 540 V8? I'm curious about how you got that V8 into the engine bay and what you needed to change. Did you bring the recirculating ball steering over from the E39 as well, or keep what was in the E34? Subframe? Did you change the rear end? How did everythign line up? Shifter? Drive shaft? What kind of error codes is it throwing after the swap? Emissions? Vanos? My next swap project will be an E39 S62 M5 wagon, but that's easy since the E39 platform is the same. Thanks for sharing!
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