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I have decided that it is time to move along and get something a little different because I can never hang onto a car for too long. I have held onto this car longer than any other car I have owned in the past and have really enjoyed owning it but my suriosity has the best of me and is causing me to get something different. Here is a little info on the car:

2000 M5
-87,xxx miles on it (85% + are on the highway since I make at least one trip to and from the other side of Georgia every week. I also live outside of Atlanta and NEVER go to the city anytime near rush hour)
-Imola red exterior with the Black/Silverstone 2-tone Sport interior
-Aluminum Interior trim
-EVERY Option except for the rear sunshades

I have added a few little things to it that I can include or can take out to lower the price slightly, they are:
-UUC EVO short Shifter and hardened shift bushings
-19" SSR GT3 Satin wheels that are 9.5" wide in the front and 10" wide in the back with 275 and 285 tires on them respectively.
-Angel eye headlights
-A custom exhaust system (very mean when you get on it, but you can't even hear it when cruising)

I have just put on new front and rear brakes around 1000 miles ago and it cost me over $1000 to replace the pads and rotors. The car also had a new clutch installed at 79,xxx miles an the shop that did it gave me a two year warranty on it, anyone that knows about the M5 knows the clutch usually lasts around 50-60k miles and that getting 80k out of a stock one only happens when the owners are very nice to the clutch (no abusing the car and predominantly highway driving in my case).

I'm sure there is something I am forgetting so please feel free to ask me any questions at all you may have about the car. I would like to get $34,500, but am open to offers and trades (straight up, or your car + cash).

edit: I already though of something I forgot. The car has tint on the windows as you can see in my signature photo. It is not illegally dark and is high grade tint. My goal was to be able to see out of all the windows fine at night and to have something to keep the car cooler and protect the interior from any UV rays while driving. I will also upload some more pictures when I get home.

edit 2: I have also gotten my car certified by the dealer and it comes with the BMW Certified Preowned Warranty that lasts until 100k miles.
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