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I got this info from the owner in UAE, Michael D.

MVR 6,1-V12 (Basis BMW M73) (Preis incl.Einbau und MwSt.)
BMW 540iA E39 mit Multifunktionslenkrad (Serie) DM 120.000.--

Änderungen gegenüber der Serie:
1 Stck. Kurbelwelle
12 Stck. Kolben
2 Stck. Nockenwellen
1 Stck.Sport-Endschschalldämpfer aus Edelstahl mit Dopplelrohr  76 mm
2 Stck. Motronic-Steuergeräte mit neuer Kennfeldoptimierung
1 Stck. EML- Steuergerät mit V-max. Aufhebung
Tachometer mit 320 km/h Anzeige (inkl.Drehzahlmesser in Durchlichttechnik)

Technische Motordaten:
Zylinderzahl 12
Bohrung 86,4 mm
Hub 86,2 mm
Hubraum 6062 ccm
Verdichtungsverhältnis 10,0

Leistung 438 PS/5400 min-1
Drehmoment 620 Nm/4300 min-1

Höchstgeschwindigkeit: ca. 312 km/h

Änderungen am Fahrzeug / Sonderausstattung:
Motorblock 12-Zylinder im Tausch gegen 8-Zylinder
Automatic Getriebe
MVR Bremsanlage
MVR Sportfahrwerk für 6.1 – V12
18” Masterradsatz incl. Bereifung alternativ 19” Magnumradsatz
MVR Lenkradschaltung (Vorraussetzung 4-Speichen MFL)

Owners perspective:

You may be interested in the attached information I have received from MVR regarding the 6.1 V12 BMW E39 vehicle. I have driven the car about 1000 kms now and am generally very pleased with it. However, there are a number
of issues that need attention.

1. Some of the LED's on the dashboard are not working. So messages are
not clear. Is this a common problem with E39 BMW's ? Any idea of the likely repair costs. The message "Engine failsafe programme' comes on when starting and stopping the car then disappears. What does that mean ?

2. The previous owner has changed the wheels and tires to Artec MS 8.5x18 inch wheels and Avon Z1 245/40/18ZR tires (W service rating max speed
168 mph), with these tires it would be dangerous to test the claimed top speed of 194 mph.

3. The ground clearance to the front skirt is very low. Going over speed bumps and potholes can ground it.

4. In the engine compartment the MVR carbon fibre engine manifold cover has been replaced with a standard black plastic BMW V12 one that is also slightly damaged.

5. The left and right air intake boxes are MVR design. The carbon fibre top section is peeling off - and looks unattractive.

6. My insurance company initially refused to insure the vehicle as it believed the car was an M5 that Norwich Union do not cover. However after some work by the dealer Norwich Union agreed that it was a modified 540i and accepted it.

7. The car has no name on the back - so I have to decide whether to put a badge or not. MVR call it the MVR 6.1 V12.

8. It goes like a rocket and sticks like glue to the road.

9. The car was, in my view, wildly overpriced by MVR selling in
Switzerland in mid 1999 at 220,000 Swiss Francs or about USD 148,000.

10. I don't know if MVR is still selling this vehicle in Germany. Have
you any information?

Here is the power diagram:

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And a M5 vs MVR 6,1 V12 E39 road test:


Here are the comparative performance figures published by Auto-Illustrierte
in Switzerland on 3/1999.

Acceleration MVR V12 M5

0-50 kmh 2.2 2.4
0-80 kmh 3.9 3.9
0-100 kmh 5.3 5.3
0-120 kmh 7.2 6.8
0-160 kmh 11.6 11.0
0-180 kmh 14.5 13.8
0-200 kmh 18.4 17.1
0-220 kmh 23.8 n/a

1 km from standstill 23.8 23.8 (werk 24.1)

Maximum speed 310 km/h 248 km/h (governed)

Fuel consumption Litres/100km

Durchschnitt 14.7 14.8
Min/Max 13.1/17.3 12.6/17.3
Normrunde 12.7 10.9

Price as tested 220,000 CHF 130,370 CHF (swiss francs)

Weight 1820 kgs 1795 kgs

Power (max) 438 hp/5400 rpm 400 hp/6600 rpm
Torque(max) 620 Nm/4300 rpm 500 Nm/3800 rpm

The standard M5 is a very well designed package - but requires slick action
with the manual gear stick to achieve the above performance figures. The MVR
V12 really feels incredibly smooth, powerful and easy to drive at almost any
speed. But in terms of value for money as a new vehicle I'd go for the M5
every time if I wanted a manual car. The MVR V12 was a wonderful idea but
sadly wildly overpriced. I understand MVR is no longer offering the 6.1
litre V12 in the E39 but only in the 7 series - where maybe it's easier to
justify the price.

best wishes
Michael Dalton


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Very interesting, nice to know that the m5 is faster than than the 6.1..

all the best
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