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As far as I know, you are close to the most producers of automobiles limited production. Is it true?

I know Christian von Koenigsegg in person as well as Horacio Pagani. Frankly speaking, they are not on good terms – competition, what shell we do? But I have tried in vain to make peace between them for years.

Cars are the dream of my life. The other dream of mine is to gather all the little producers, these with the limited series, under the same shelter and to turn this occurrence into a traditional exhibition. The relationship between me and my partner are much more important than money itself. More than 80 % of the producers of luxury automobiles know me. Everybody I have phoned turns out and arrives immediately on the company exhibition. I have organized a few exhibitions of luxury automobiles in Buda Pest, Vienna, in Ghosh (Hungary). If you are interested in it, just take a look at LUXUSAUTÓ SHOW - 2007 BUDAPEST - OKTÓBER 18 - 23 | HUNGEXPO

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