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more US-spec M5 pictures

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i came accross these pictures at the messageboard for AutoWeek.

here's the original thread

As I was on my way out to Bishop, CA to pick up a friend and go to Reno, I noticed a convoy of BMW's going the opposite way, so I busted a U to snap some pics. The convoy was:
-an undisguised post-facelift 7 series
-a completely disguised 3-series (not sure why, there have been official pics for months now)
And then the two vehicles that I took the most notice of:
-a showroom-ready blue M5 (complete w/badging)
-a much rougher gray M5 (unpainted ground effects, no badging, looked kinda hammered)
One thing I did notice (other than how fast they were) is that the gray one seemed to run pretty rich under hard acceleration...which got me thinking...I'm sure that the fuel mapping on this car has been locked in forever, so why would it be running so rich...unless it's a prototype for the rumored 6-speed manual M5 (which would have to be calibrated, since I understand that the SMG tranny and the engine share a computer?) Anyone have any news regarding this?


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Thanks for sharing :)

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WOW... just sent chills down my spine... Oooooo ///M5
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