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More props for Powerchip

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Just wanted to share my experience with Matt and the Powerchip team. Besides the tune being sweet, their customer service is outstanding. PC has a 14 day grace period for a re-flash. 4 days after I got my tune, my car threw a cat code. Turns out I need a new cat (luckily it's still under warranty) and the BMW dealer says they'll have to re-flash the ECU when they replace it. My problem is that I'm leaving town for 2 weeks tomorrow and won't be able to get my cat replaced within the 14 day grace period. I contacted Matt and asked if he'd be able to honor the grace period if I was able to show him my receipts from BMW showing the dates the cat declared faulty and that they were ordering a new one. In his exact words, "no problem. Let us know when you are back".

Two big thumbs up to Matt and his team. Great customer service and a great product :goldcup:
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Same over here. The Powerchip guys in Melbourne have been really helpful and I haven't even bought their tune yet.
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