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6 Series
A stately BMW coupe returns to the family after a six-year hiatus (the old 8 Series). The 6 Series arrives in April, and a convertible should be available at the same time. Design chief Chris Bangle hit a home run with this muscular two-door car that boasts sharp lines and taut haunches. The 6 starts with the 4.4-liter V8 from the 745. Not bad. Better yet, more engines follow throughout the year. BASE PRICE: $68,000 (est.)

WHAT'S NEXT: The M6 debuts in early '05 with a 500-hp V10, as well as a convertible version.

IN OUR OPINION: The last 6 Series was a favorite around here; the new one should be, too.
HIGHLIGHTS: 333 horsepower, six-speed, big tires, big brakes, manual or F1-like sequential manual gearbox.
BASE PRICE: $47,195

WHAT'S NEXT: Nothing until after the new 3 arrives in '06.

IN OUR OPINION: The standard answer for many in these parts to that eternal bench-racing question, "If you had $50,000 to spend, what would you buy?"
HIGHLIGHTS: All-new 500-hp V10-powered M5 due Stateside by the end of '04.
BASE PRICE: $85,000 (est.)

WHAT'S NEXT: This is, baby.

IN OUR OPINION: Between Audi RS6, Mercedes-Benz E55 and this new M5, a guy could have the fastest garage in town.
HIGHLIGHTS: Divisive looks wrapped around better-than-Z3 mechanicals, like two engines and gobs of BMW driving pleasure. BASE PRICE: $33,795

WHAT'S NEXT: Z4-based M Roadster should rejoin the lineup in mid-'04.

IN OUR OPINION: The perfect setting for driving it is on a racetrack, a coast road, an escapist morning commute or an autumnal color
tour. Okay, anywhere.



I do not see any Chris Bangle home runs.


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base price for 6 series in Switzerland

The base price for the 6 series in Geneva , Switzerland is
81,265.10 USD around 111,000 CHF

I am surprised that the base price of the 6 series in the us is
estimated at 68,000 USD.

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