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How u doin,
just made 1200km and sent it to the company to change the oil. The technician was astounded "u got the car on the 19th, and today u have it 1200km?"
Anyways, I forgot to mention before that the Drive mode in the M5 sucks literally. Never use it. Just use the manual mode because it changes gears in times u don't want it to and it's really slow gear changing.

Yesterday night, my dad told me to take him to the airport with my car. So my dad, 2 bros and I went in the car. My dad didn't like the car much but when I sent him there, he didn't say a thing. My bros were telling him how nice it is inside, how comfortable, and how soft it is on the road. I guess my dad couldn't say anything wrong about that

Before that, me and my friends were going for a ride(my friends are huge, one of them 120kg, other 94kg, and the third 87), we pumped the music out loud and believe me, that Logic7 is AMAZING. U can hear beats and sounds uv never heard before. It's as if each speaker gives a beat in the whole car. if u havent got that, then too bad u should've.

Also the ride hasn't changed. the car still pulls well and sometimes skid at 2nd gear when i press the gas to more than 1/2 :noSMG:

I really cant wait anymore. I just have to continue riding long distances until it reaches 5000km....
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