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mods=hp ?

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i know this has been covered,but by adding the cold air intake and a tubi how much can one expect to get horsepower wise. it is a 2 part question intake/tubi.? i've heard 1 could gain as much as 25hp or as little as 7.:M5launch: :cool: :M5launch:
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Lets see mods=hp? Well maybe. Some mods=better looks other mods=voided warranties, while other mods=better sound.

I think the combination of Tubi + AA CAI + Powerchip S/W = better drivability and perhaps 15HP at the engine over stock. I have 367HP at the rear wheels with these mods which translats roughly into 425HP at the engine. You are talking a little money here and some may consider it a high price for the small increase in HP. Everything cannot be measured in purely increase in HP alone though.

You will never measure an increase with CAI on the dyno. That being said, I can break the rear wheels loose in 3rd with these mods and I could not before. Oh, don't forget the better exhaust note. The Tubi is just plain sweet. By that I mean, it is the closest sound you are going to get to a Ferrari or Lamborgini without the real deal. You may not be looking for that sound, so there are other exhausts that may suit your ears. Don't forget the x-pipe design if your exhaust does not incorporate it.

Go see Daniel at Beastpower, web site sponser. He has all these goodies at great prices.

Hope this helps,

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