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Hi Guys,
So we're at the show and super busy at our own booth. But it occurred to us that so many people cant come and attend Bimmerfest 2008 at Santa Barbara.
So we've gathered together companies and sponsors, and are reporting live to you from the show. With all the up to date information. The new stuff that you'll see come out this year, what mods people have done, and what are the real highlights of the show. Watch our site for up to the minute updates, you'll be getting a glimpse in before people will actually be walking through the doors. Thanks guys !
To start things off, we've got an interview here with John Schaefer, one of the original founders of Bimmerfest. You can watch the video here:
After a long day of traveling and setting up for the annual event for BMW enthusiasts, we sat were able to speak with the Founder of Bimmmerfest, John Schaefer. Bimmerfest is an annual meet for BMW owners to come to a single location, Santa Barbra, CA, and show off their modded BMWs, see other enthusiast’s BMWs, and to purchase some aftermarket parts for their vehicles. According to John, Bimmerfest began as a small GTG (get-together) with about one hundred local forum members at Cutter BMW when he was a General Manager there. Cutter BMW is just a couple miles away from the Earl Warren Fairgrounds, where the show has been held since the beginning in 1999.
On May 3, 2008, the Earl Warren Fairgrounds is expecting eighteen hundred to two-thousand cars showing up with approximately five-thousand to six-thousand people visiting. Since 1999, Bimmerfest has grown exponentially and seems to always fill the Earl Warren Fairgrounds to capacity with more and more people migrating back yearly. When we asked John if he has any plans to change Bimmerfest for next year he said “There have been rumors floating around the forums saying casinos in Las Vegas has invited us to have the show there but this year will determine whether or not we change the venue.” With about sixty vendors attending, and new products on display, Bimmerfest can cure that modbug that BMW addicts seem to always suffer from.
Obviously, to a BMW owner, Bimmerfest is a very important event to the community and it brings all the tuners and BMW enthusiasts together in one place, as one humongous BMW family. John says “As a vendor in the tuner world, Bimmerfest has been more important than SEMA, which most people know is the pinnacle of the tuning industry.” As a BMW tuner himself, John drives an E36 M3 with subtle mods like lowering springs, sway bars, strut bars, a clutch delay kit, and a UUC performance exhaust. John said “I think BMW Ms are pretty setup coming out of the dealer.”
We asked John what he is most excited for in the show today and he said “I am very excited to see what is up and coming for the new E92 M3s and also the new E82 135i coupe, I think they will be a big hit today at the show.” Bimmerfest has grown bigger and bigger yearly and John said “It is overwhelming how many people continue to come to Santa Barbra to attend the event with the acceptance and embrace Bimmerfest has brought to the BMW community.
You can check out the article here:
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