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I've recently upgraded from the MKII to MKIII. The interface, graphics etc. Are improved, but the GPS has this new feature where it decides to map my location wherever the he11 it wants to. Half the time I am "driving" in the atlantic ocean. My son thinks its funny but I would kinda like it to work...

I did some research and found a good post where someone stated that the MKII has a "trimble module" that is mounted outside of the nav computer, on a bracket beside the CD changer. They mention this module should be removed. The MKIII's trimble module is integrated. Figured that was the problem, since the GPS antennae was still attached to the external module.

I plugged the antennae wire into the MKIII. I left the external module in the car since it has more than this antennae plugged into it. Like a radio ground or something. I tried unplugging the second wire from the old unit but it effectively eliminated my radio reception.

It seems that since I moved the antennae over to the MKIII (and leaving the old external trimbal unit in the car) the GPS positioning has gotten much worse.

> MKIII installed with GPS ant. still connected to MKII external trimble module the GPS slowly loses accurate car tracking and current location. It "hops from street to street" etc.

> GPS antennae moved to MKIII unit from old trimbal module and tracking is non-existant. Car drives on the map pretty much wherever it wants. Half the time its a submarine.

Does anyone that has gone from MKII to MKIII know what to do with the old module/and or how to get the damn thing to position and track correctly???
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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