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Hey guys,

Things are starting to warm up. For those of you that made it to the May event, you saw madness by 9am. The lot was full and over 400 cars were inside the property. The drag day was a huge sucess (check out the pics below). Lots of great cars, everybody had a great time. Special thanks to Evoms for coming up, bringing some great cars and allowing me to rip 10 second passes all day in their 2010 997.2 TT.

We have selected a few special individuals to assist us with parking and keeping things in order, you will meet them on Sat, but chances are, you already know them.
In order to keep things organised, please try to arrive as early as possible (the event starts at 8am) so that you can get a parking spot. We have gotten to the point where we have to turn people away or ask them to park in spectator parking when they arrive after 9:30 because there is no room.
This month we have a couple of cool events going on afterwards. First, immediately after Cars & Cafe, Imola Motorsports will be having their yearly open house. A few of us will be leaving the Motorplex at around 11am and driving down there together (like we did last year). Their address is 721 Hampshire Ave S Golden Valley MN 55426.
Right after that (around 2pm)we are headed to the Ricekiller Car Show and Tent Party at McKrackens pub in Burnsville. Their address is: 3120 W. Hwy 13
Burnsville, MN 55337. I hear that there will be dunk tanks, music, bikini contests etc.
Please keep the burnouts and hard launches for the track. We need to be respectful of the property and our host as well as the garage owners that allow us to have our event at their place.

Please mark your calendars with the following 2010 dates:

July 3rd
August 7th
September 4th
October 2nd
November 6th

HD Videos from previous events (Thanks to Matt Desmond!):

Pics from last month (Thanks to Alex Bellus)

Pics from Drag Day:

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