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Military Sales Program and Gas Guzzler Tax?

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I've got an order on a new M5 through Military Sales Program (MSP). Currently I'm deployed with the U.S. Navy on an FFG with very slow internet connection. Dont flame me because I didnt search first. It takes over 5 mins to load a page; maybe longer.

My question is when do I pay for the Gas Guzzler tax? Is it at the time when I pick up my M5 at the Performance Center Delivery or maybe when I register for my license plates? I'm planning on transferring tags from my M3.

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I'm not purchasing my car within the US such as in a dealership. I'm pretty much ordering the new M5 through MSP which the price is well below MSRP. I'll be picking up my car at PDC in Spartanburg SC. It looks as if the $3000 gas guzzler tax wont be included in my final purchase cost of the M5.

Gadgetman, you're gonna *love* taking delivery at the PC! That's how I picked up my car as well. Tons of great driving roads around there as well! You get a 1-day delivery school when you pick up from the PC. This is in addition to the M5 DE. Be sure to contact Donnie Isley before you arrive. Donnie's a great guy, and is one of the driving instructors there-- he'll take good care of you! He's on the Board as member willwintoday. :cheers:
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