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Microphone recommendations for tracking

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I am in the process of prepping the video system for the upcoming season. I just bought the small cruisecam camera mount. I will likely buy a Canon FS11 flash memory recorder when it comes out in April.

One key element is I will be using an external mic. I was thinking of putting a mic in the engine bay and connect it back to the camcorder. Or putting the mic over the license plate to capture the cacophony of the V10 and the Supersprint exhaust.

Anyone have recommendations for small mics with the following requirements?
  • mini-jack connector
  • Wind noise baffler
  • Small
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I bought my stuff from

2 camera set-up, with a relatively cheap hard disk recorder, I do have a great handycam, in case the HD isn't any good.

I got the performancebox on the GB on this board

Just about to head off to Silverstone, but for a microphone, I have 2, one for inside the car and one for near the exhaust.

I'll be having a play with them on Friday. The zorst mic needs to be very close the exhaust, last time I tried it, it was way to quiet.

Should find out how good it is in a couple of days.
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