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The purpose of this thread is to archive the BMW M Digest pdfs I have saved. The BMW M Digest was an email list coordinated by John Allen and was a great source of information on M cars . . . mostly regarding the E24 M6 and E28 M5 with a spattering of E34 M5 here and there. It was sort of a bmwuucdigest just for M cars. Jim Moran did the heavy lifting of compiling the pdfs and hosted them on his website (cant remember the address), but I only saved 1 through 28. There were a few hundred pdfs planned but I did not grab them (SAD!).

Admittedly this is quite a nostalgic exercise on my part, though there is a lot of information that I do not want to be lost. I screwed up with the BMWE34M5 Yahoo List by not archiving the thousands of emails from over the years, so if anyone has some of these, pm me and maybe we can get them archived and posted.

None of the emails are redacted in the pdfs, I have no plans to redact the emails and I wont redact them. These pdfs were accessible by the public for years, so any claim to sensitive PII is long gone.

Ill trickle these out.

EDIT: Apparently m5board has limited access to attachments, Ill create a google drive to remedy this.


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