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As some of you know and for those who do not, we have been participating in a Texas MFest Caravan since 2010.

This year we welcome MFlight which is our Military & DOD group that started in Germany and has finally migrated back home to the USA. being that its members are Active Military or Affiliated means there stationed on the many military bases throughout North America.

this year, there 1st US Caravan will begin in South Florida and make its way to Texas. rest then join our Texas MFest Caravan to vegas on the 15th.

For those Planning on linking up with us from nearby states like OK, AR, KS, MI, IL, IN, CO

The discount code for Route 66 is MFEST9

Cut-off date for that discount is Friday April 10th. please contact Route 66 Casino and make your reservation using that discount code

route is the same as last year

287 out of Texas on to I-40 through NM, AZ and into NV before cutting onto Hwy XXX to Vegas

Download the Walkie talkie App ZELLO to stay in touch

join group MFESTIX Texas to stay in touch throughout the road trip

- make sure your car has been serviced and is ready to be tested on this long *** Road trip of Various elevations and temperature changes
- Bring a good tune-up kit (Extra oil, oil filter, tire, belts, plugs)
- Carry fruits and snacks to hold you down during those long 300 miles between fuel/rest stops
- Carry your Hotel Reservation confirmation pages with you
- make sure your insurance is paid for the month
- blah, blah, blah

Lets have some fun in Vegas with our BMW Brothas and sistas!
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