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Mesh Lower Grill?

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Anyone done it? I've seen a few in pics and think it looks has one but it's $200ish bucks and just zipties are these usually attached......I've heard of people bonding them on....but figure there has to be an easier way than having to pull the bumper cover off.....

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lol. Chris you've got the bug and you've got it bad :)
Haha, you know.....I always tend to go crazy when I first pick up a nice vehicle......I learned a long time ago....that I will do mods to a car over a couple of years.....but if I do it all early on.....then I get to enjoy it longer ........problem is.....I have too many projects going on at once....and THAT stretches the pocketbook at times.....The first time I knew I had it bad was about 10 years ago when my mechanic offered me Net 30 terms.....hahaha
It looks better on lighter colours in my opinion - here's a pic:

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Can this mesh come in flat black finish?
Can this mesh come in flat black finish?
itll look reeaaly nice in black.

can sumone photoshop the pic above please.
They do a black version as well that would look really good with my blacked out grill......

It looks better on lighter colours in my opinion - here's a pic:
get it in black. ;)
not a fan... maybe black will look better.
i know this sounds like a silly question... but does the this mesh weigh much more than the plastic mesh and plastic grills that are stock?
The examples I have held....I would guess weigh about a pound....why? Worried about weight?
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