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I want to ask that there are members living in the area of Tesquesta in Florida.
for the medatronics corporation (

I post this here because here on the e39 m5 are the most viewers(and ex e34 drivers)

I am building a bmw s38 turbo.I want to place a muncie 4 speed gearbox on my s38 with a adapter plate of a other company

BMW Large 6-cylinder Cheva Transmission Everything in engine tuning, chassis and powertrain

I have still to find out for what type belhousing this plate is made(what type of american bellhousing

I want to know this is a good company,but maybey they can make the perfect setup for the s38/m30.

when somebody lives in the area,I want to pay him to go there with a (s38 or m30) gearbox.

so they can see,what shape and form the gearbox alxe they can make them exact the same(to fit in the s38,m30)
maybey with belhousing.

with other words,with the mesurements of a s38/m30 gearbox the can make the perfect fit.

otherwise when I order a special muncie gearbox,I have to take the box apart again to grind him down to fit on the bmw engine.

I can send a bellhousing to(a separate one of a dogleg)to fitt the muncie on it.

the only problem is I must find somebody that haves bmw parts and live in the area.

I will pay you for the trouble,here in belgium are special works like this(other gearbox on other engine) very hard to find,because here is everything forbidden.

best regards

ruben block

greartings from belgium

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From the transmissions listed I think you are going to need a Chevy small block bell housing. One from an 80's f-body or corvette should work and be the easiest to find used.
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