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me and my M5 are new here

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I'm from Germany.
I just bought me that 99 M5.
This are the first pics.

I'm owning 3 635CSi and I needed a car with more power.
Thats my story.

Oh and I'm working for ContiTeves in the car test department and I'm developing the ABS for the 1 and 3 series and M-Cars.

I hope I can learn something here :haha:

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Welcome Marco! This is a great board that I'm sure you'll find very useful.

It would be interesting to hear about your work more at some point.


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Welcome aboard Marco

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KRM said:
Welcome Maggo, it's great to have you here. We would love to hear more about your E60 M5 testing experience.

Taken by me this Winter:

The pics of my E39 were taken just after I put it in my Garage.
One day later I was sitting in a plane to Sweden. ouich
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