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Hi there guys,
Have you guys sleeved the m62/s62?
I would be really interrested which bore you guys choosed? (I believe from what I read that because of the wall thickness you should go 92mm and max 92,5mm)

I would also like to know how thick did you use those sleeves for high boost engine (1bar - 1,5bar is what I am aiming for with Vortech V3 Si-trim supercharger).

My setup will be
M62 block
M60 heads
Custom intake manifold (we will see which)
Wiseco Forged pistons 9.0:1
Forged conrods with arp2000 bolts - 141,5mm lenght
S62 crankshaft
Intercooler setup (we will see which and how by the space limitations in e46)

I would need an advise of how thick the iron sleeves should be 🙂.

(I expect it HAVE to be ductile iron, right?)

Thank you so much guys 🙂.
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